How to Build Outdoor Rabbit Hutch? (With Pictures)

Raising rabbits outdoors can be very rewarding. But it’s important to make sure they have a safe and comfortable home. An outdoor rabbit hutch provides your rabbits with space to move around while protecting them from predators and harsh weather. Building your own hutch allows you to customize the design to suit your specific needs and climate.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a basic wooden hutch that keeps your rabbits healthy and happy. We’ll go over the supplies you need, construction steps, and tips for adding accessories like nesting boxes and ramps. With a little carpentry skill and these instructions, you can create the perfect outdoor haven for your furry friends. Raising rabbits is easier when you set them up for success with a hand-built hutch made with care.

How to Build a Rabbit Hutch for Outside?

To build a rabbit hutch for outside, follow these step-by-step guidelines. You should keep in mind that these are essential tips only. It may vary from place to place.

Measuring Tape

Step 1: Design the plan

First thing first. Design your plan first. You should consider some points while planning the hutch.

  • Consider the number of bunnies first. If you want to keep more bunnies in the hutch, then you should build a larger one.
  • Another point is the size of the hutch. I mean the height, length, and width. Generally, for a comfortable dwelling, a bunny needs four times larger accommodation than its body. So, keep this point in your mind.
  • To keep multiple rabbits in a single hutch you need to place dividers or separators. It allows you great flexibility in case of keeping multiple bunnies.
  • Additionally, by using dividers, you can also use your hutch for a breeding purpose.
  • The perfect size of each part of the hutch is 24 in x 30 in x 32 in. That means 2 feet in length, 2.5 feet in width, and 2.8 feet in height.
  • Width of more than 30 is not suitable for handling your bunny.
  • Most of the bunny hutch is made of wood frames, wooden doors, and wire windows. So, you can consider wood and wires for ingredients.

Step 2: Prepare the Wooden Frames

Now it’s time to make the frame by using wood. This is the most crucial part of this entire process. So, don’t make any mistakes here.

  • You may select pine wood to make the frame. Because pines are non-toxic and safe for the bunny.
  • Consider the straight and quality wood instead of the tightly knotted one.
  • For making the frame, consider 2 by 4 in wood pieces and 4 by 4 in for the post. This selection will help to make you a durable and stronger hutch.
  • To make a wooden door, you need to also make the frame first door. For the door, smaller size wood like 1 by 1 in is enough.
  • The last point is the height of the post. That means how off the hutch will be placed from the surface. It completely depends on you. If you want to be 4.5 feet high off the ground, then use a 4.5 by 4.5 feet wood post. That’s it.
How to Build a Rabbit Hutch For Outside

Step-3: Choose plastic roofing and plywood floor

  • For roofing, you can use many ingredients like plywood, plastic, etc. And it is the same for the floor also. Even you may keep the floor naked in case of using hay on the wires floor.
  • However, you will need 1 plastic roofing for the roof and 1 plywood for the floor.
  • The size of the roof should be larger than the roof. You should place it sloppily so that the water can easily pass from the upper to the lower direction.
  • For flooring, use plywood and it is durable also.

Step-4: Measure and cut the wooden pieces.

Now it’s time to measure and cut the wood pieces. I hope you know how to cut a wood piece with a handsaw or a machine saw. Moreover, I mentioned the overall process step by step so that even beginners can measure and cut the wood pieces.

  • Separate the different types of wood first. For example, sort out the post wood and frame wood.
  • Then lay down the wood on the surface level and measure them with a measuring tape. Indicate the final measurement with a pencil.
  • Then place the wood in a suitable place and cut them by using a saw.
cutting wood with saw

Step-5: Measure and cut the wire mesh.

  • Well, after completing the wood section, you need to measure the size of the wire mesh. You should take careful measures and cut the wire mesh otherwise you can be seriously injured. You should use safety glasses, hand gloves, etc.
  • The best practice is to use 16-gauge wire mesh. It will not break if your rabbit chews it and also strong enough for predators.
  • For doors and sides, you should use 1 by 2 in wire, and for the floor use .5 by .5in the wire. It is not mandatory to use this size and shape. Use your instinct while choosing the ingredients.
  • To cut the wires use wire cutters.
  • Don’t use the low-quality wires for the side and floor to ensure the safety of your rabbit.

Step-6: Setting up the frames

  • You can use the wood screw to set up the structure. At first, take a wide and high frame. Then attach them by using a screw. Follow the same process for the other frame. If you can do it perfectly, you will get the primary structure of your hutch.
  • Then you need to attach the net with the primary structure. You have to attach the net to the frame tightly. So, you may change the position of the frame while attaching the net.
  • After successfully netting on the side, top, bottom, and door, you need to attach a sliding bolt lock. And to open and close the door you can use hinges.
  • Additionally, you can use concrete blocks under the support post. It helps the support post from termites. However, you must balance the hutch while using concrete blocks.
how to build a rabbit hutch for outside1

Step-7: Installing the hutch

Finally, you have done the job. Now you need to install the hutch in a suitable place.

  • Keep your bunny hutch in a secure and safe place. it may be in the yard of your house.
  • Don’t keep your bunny under the direct sunlight. It would be better if you place the rabbit hutch under a tree.
  • The place where you will keep the hutch should be free from extreme noise.
  • You should be careful about the predator. So, place the hutch in a place where you can easily keep on your eyes.

Step-8: providing the essential items

After successfully installing the rabbit hutch, it is ready for use. But you can’t put your bunny directly here. You must decorate it with must-needed items.

you can use both the water bowl and water bottle for watering your rabbit. A water bottle is preferable to the water bowl in the case of the rabbit hutch.

Food bowls

you must add the food bowls for providing food for your bunny.

Hay feeder

You can also use a hay feeder to minimize the waste of hay.


You can use hay or rabbit bedding for bedding purposes. Also, you can use the rabbit litter box for more safety.

Breeding box

For the doe, I mean pregnant or mother rabbits, the breeding box is essential. It will help the baby rabbits keeping safe and sound.

So, here is the recap of the whole process for building a DIY Rabbit hutch!

  • Step-1: Design the plan
  • Step-2: Prepare the Wooden Frames
  • Step-3: Choose plastic roofing and plywood floor
  • Step-4: Measure and cut the wooden pieces.
  • Step-5: Measure and cut the wire mesh.
  • Step-6: Setting up the frames
  • Step-7: Installing the hutch
  • Step-8: providing the essential items

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the carpet for bedding?

Yes, you can. But it is not a good idea at all. You need to clean the floor of the hutch daily. That means using a carpet makes your job more complicated.

So, you could use dedicated rabbit bedding. They are absorbent and minimize the odor also.

Is the hutch safe enough from the predator?

It depends on the materials. If you use strong wires and wood, it is quietly safe from the predators.

How many rabbits can be kept on the hutch?

It depends on you. The more you want to keep, the larger will be the hutch. Just maintain the ratio of bunny and dwelling place.

Does the rabbit stand on the wire floor?

Yes, they can stand. But comfortable padding should be provided for preventing wound.

Final Notes

The rabbit hutch is perfect for raising rabbits both for personal and commercial purposes. It is safe and comfortable also for your rabbits. I have tried to cover all the tips and tricks on how to build a rabbit hutch outside.

By following these tips, hopefully, you will be able to build a simple hutch for your rabbits. It is not a very big deal indeed. you just need the enthusiasm and courage to start.

Anyway, if you want to keep your rabbit inside your house, you could use a rabbit cage instead of a giant wooden hutch. The cage is very easy to handle.

However Thanks for reading this article. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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