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Rabbit Care

If you are a new bunny parent and looking for a precise rabbit supply list at a glance, you are welcome here! I have found a lot of misconceptions about bunny supply. Even the experienced …

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It is strongly prohibited to bathe your rabbit. But in some particular cases, you must clean them.  Since the bunny is a sensitive pet, you should not use any harsh material to clean them. Even you …

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Many of the rabbit parents don’t have a sound knowledge about the rabbit cage cleaning supplies. Even some beginner bunny parents make considerable mistakes in cleaning the bunny habitat by applying wrong cleaning stuff. That is …

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Rabbits are social creatures and they love to explore outside. But you should not allow a free movement of your bunny in an unfenced area like yard or meadow. Since the bunny is a prey …

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Are the heating pads safe for the bunny? Should I use heating pads for rabbits during the severe cold months? A common question from the bunny parents. In short, heating pads are recommended to the bunny. …

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As a bunny parent, you know how does bunny love the treat! But the problem is all of the treats found in the pet store are not good and safe for the bunny. Moreover, treats …

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