How to Clean Rabbit Hutch? (8 steps)

There is no hard and fast rule in the case of cleaning a rabbit hutch especially. You can clean the hutch according to your convenience.

But if you clean the hutch daily, it will not be a burden for you. Here, I have discussed the most straightforward ways how to clean a wooden rabbit hutch elaborately.

I believe by following this process, you will be able to clean your rabbit hutch effectively. Obviously, by putting in the lowest effort.

Let’s get started.

rabbit hutch cleaning

How to Clean a Rabbit Hutch?

You could clean the hutch daily or weekly. It completely depends on up-to you. I’ve discussed both ways here.

Anyway, You could also clean your rabbit cage by following these steps also.

Tips to Clean the Hutch Daily

As I mentioned earlier, daily cleaning allows you a relaxed and comfortable working hour. You need not handle a lot of garbage or poops and pees at a time.

Besides, the hutch will remain clean and germless. That’s why you should budget a few minutes to clean up the hutch daily. To clean the hutch daily, follow these simple steps.

1. Get out the rabbit from hutch

First thing first. Take your rabbit out and keep them in a temporary rabbit pen or enclosure. You may also allow them to explore freely while cleaning the hutch. Of course, make the surroundings clean and safe for them.

2. Bring out the materials.

Remove all the materials from the hutch like the hiding place, water bowl or water bottle, food bowl, toys, litter box, and other things. Removal of these things helps you quick cleaning.

3. Make a quick clean daily

To do a quick cleaning, take out all the old foods and hays from the hutch. Wastage of food and urinated hay are mainly responsible for acute odor.

You can use a piece of wood or bamboo to remove the hay from the hutch. For an instant and hassle-free cleaning, you could use the rabbit cage and hutch cleaner.

4. Keep one area untouched while cleaning

you know the rabbit mark and identify their territory by the odor of their pee and poops. So, leave a small corner untouched. If she is accustomed to using litter boxes, then it is different.

It helps the bunnies to identify their dwelling place quickly and they will not be excited anymore.

5. Check the hutch condition

It is necessary to check the condition of the hutch daily. So, you can do it easily while cleaning.

Just carefully check the surroundings. If you find any hole or damaged wood, it will be the reason for the danger for your rabbits.

If you find any unusual things, make them fixed as soon as possible.

6. Clean the dropping tray(Optional)

If you use any dropping tray for the hutch, you should clean the tray regularly. Otherwise, the tray will be the reason for the acute bad odor.

Please clean the tray with disinfected solution and water.

7. Replace all the materials and hay

After completing these steps, you could replace the materials and bedding.

Don’t forget to provide new hay instead of used hay. You know hay is the main food along with comfortable bedding for the rabbits.

You could use rabbit litter also to minimize the odor.

8. Put back the rabbits

Now all the things are done. Put back the rabbits in their cases and don’t forget to close the door.

How to Clean a Rabbit Hutch

How to Clean the Hutch Weakly

This one is a time-consuming process. Because we will clean the entire hutch with a mixture of water and disinfectant, so, let’s have a look at the materials first.

  • Stiff Brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Bucket
  • Gloves
  • Dish soap
  • Large bag
  • Vinegar, etc.

Planning and fix the time

You need thoroughly wash the outdoor hutch at least once per week. So, fix the time according to your convenience. It may be the weekend or other flexible time.

Take out the rabbit

Like daily cleaning, take out the rabbit from the hutch. And keep them in a temporary shelter.

Removal of the materials

You know how to do this, as I mentioned earlier. Bring everything from the hutch

Keep some urinated hay at corner

Like the daily cleaning, keep some urinated fay at the corner of the hutch for identifying the purpose.

Clean the hutch with brush

First make a mixture of warm water and soft detergent. Then clean the hutch with a brush and liquid.

You may use a stiff brush or toothbrush to clean every corner of the hutch.

Disinfecting the hutch

You may find many chemical disinfectants in the market. But you should not use chemical disinfectants.

The solution of vinegar is the best disinfectant for the rabbit hutch. It is also safe for rabbits.

Do not clean the whole area of the floor. Keep some urinated hay for identifying territory.

Finally, rinse the whole rabbit hutch. For rinsing, use cold water or normal water.

how to prepare a rabbit hutch

How to Dry the hutch

After completing the wash, dry the hutch under direct sunlight. Wait until the hutch becomes dry.

Replace the bedding and material

After drying, the hutch replaces all the materials and bedding in the cage.

You should use all the new foods and materials instead of the old ones for the newly cleaned hutch.

Dispose of the waste materials & clean up

Finally, you have successfully cleaned up the hutch. Now you need to dispose of the wastage in the garbage. Otherwise, it will pollute the environment.

And you should wash your hands with disinfectants. Please wear a special dress for cleaning the hutch.

Some frequently asked questions – FAQ

How Often Should You Clean a Rabbit’s Hutch?

You should clean the hutch daily. It helps to reduce your workload. And you should also clean the hutch weekly according to the mentioned methods.

Is Bunny Urine Toxic?

Bunny urine isn’t harmful to a human at all. you can touch them.

Does Vinegar Stop Rabbits Chew?

Many of the pet owners use vinegar to stop chewing the furniture. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. It depends on a lot of things.

Is White Vinegar Safe for Rabbits?

In a word, the answer is yes. Vinegar is entirely safe for rabbits. Even according to many vet specialists, you can use vinegar as a supplementary food.

Final Thoughts

Well, Sanitation is a prerequisite for keeping your bunny healthy. You have to ensure a germless and clean dwelling place for your rabbit.

However, I believe you have got a clear concept of how to clean a wooden rabbit hutch. Apply these techniques in your practical life.

And please don’t forget to share this step by guideline about cleaning hutch with your friends so that they can minimize their misery. Thanks indeed.

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