Best Flooring for Outdoor Rabbit Run

Creating an outdoor rabbit run allows your rabbits to safely enjoy fresh air and sunshine. However, choosing the right flooring is key to keeping your rabbits healthy and comfortable. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of various flooring options for outdoor rabbit runs. Whether natural grass, straw, wood, astroturf, concrete, dirt, or wire floors are best for draining away urine, providing traction, insulating against the cold, and cushioning your rabbits’ feet.

We’ll provide tips on materials to avoid and how to properly prepare and install flooring in your outdoor run. With the right flooring choice, your rabbits can happily hop and play while staying clean and dry in their outdoor enclosure.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Flooring for Outdoor Rabbit Run

Does a Rabbit Run Need a Floor in Rabbit Run?

When building an outdoor rabbit run, adding some type of flooring provides important benefits for your rabbits’ health and comfort. Unlike indoor cages, a bare ground floor in a rabbit run can get muddy and allow urine and droppings to accumulate. This can lead to sanitation issues and skin irritation on your rabbits’ feet. Installing a proper floor in their run helps keep your rabbits clean and dry.

Good options include grass, straw, sand, wood, astroturf, or wire flooring. The flooring provides traction, insulation from the cold ground, and cushioning for rabbit feet. Some drainage or absorbent bedding may still be needed. While a floor is not an absolute necessity, covering the ground in some way makes an outdoor rabbit run much more habitable for your bunnies.

What Is the Best Surface for a Rabbit Run?

When building an outdoor rabbit run, the flooring surface is one of the most important considerations for your rabbits’ health and happiness. The ideal run floor allows for drainage, traction, comfort, and easy cleaning. Here are some top options:

  • Grass or dirt – Natural grass provides great drainage and traction. Dirt can work too, but requires diligent raking to prevent mud or pooling.
  • Straw or hay – These make great soft, natural surfaces for traction and comfort. Replace frequently to stay clean.
  • Sand – Provides drainage and is soft underfoot, but can get dusty.
  • Wood – Use outdoor wood or bamboo panels. Offers comfort and is easy to clean.
  • Astroturf – Artificial grass mats that are durable and drain well. Easy to disinfect.
  • Concrete or wire – Allows waste and liquid to drain but can be hard on rabbit feet without bedding.

Aim for a non-toxic surface, that absorbs waste, and is gentle on rabbit feet. Proper drainage and frequent cleaning are also key for a healthy rabbit run.

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Can I Put a Blanket in My Cage?

Blankets can be cozy additions to a rabbit’s cage, but they require some safety precautions. Avoid loose-knit blankets or fabrics that could catch nails or be chewed and ingested, posing intestinal blockage risks. Ideal blanket materials for cages are soft cotton, fleece, or synthetic fabrics with tight weaves. Check the blanket frequently for holes from chewing. Limit the blanket size to prevent the accumulation of waste and odors.

Use a disposable pad underneath the blanket to absorb messes and change it out 2-3 times per week. Wash any blanket weekly to keep it clean for your rabbit. With supervision and proper use, blankets can provide warmth and comfort. But be mindful of chewing, sanitation, and laundering to keep your rabbit healthy when using blankets in their cage.

can i put blanked as bedding for rabbit cage

What Do You Put on the Floor of a Rabbit Run?

You should put natural items on the floor of a rabbit run. Although rabbits can adjust to most of the conditions, you should try to keep your bunny in a touch of nature.

Anyway, you could use the following items as flooring for the outdoor rabbit run.


You will find some outdoor rabbit runs (like the Omlet rabbit run) that come with a wire mesh bottom. This type of outdoor rabbit run will keep your rabbit in touch with the earth and grass.


Putting your rabbit in the dirt is another way to keep in touch with nature. Rabbit loves to dig and explore. You could use a rabbit run that comes without a bottom.


Gravel is a bit hard for the rabbits. Due to the dig-proof nature of gravel, your bunny cannot escape from the outdoor run. You could spread the gravel around the outdoor run instead of spreading it everywhere inside the run.


If you don’t have open space in the backyard or you are living in an apartment, you could keep your rabbit on the concrete.

wood is the best flooring for rabbit run

What Do You Put on the Floor of a Rabbit Hutch and Cage?


Wood is the best option as flooring for the rabbit hutch and cage. Wood is completely safe for the bunny. But the chewing habit of rabbits is the main problem. If your bunny has a chewing tendency, then you should not use wood-like flooring for the rabbit hutch or cage.

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Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is not a good choice for flooring. It may cause a lesion and wound in your bunny’s leg if it spends too long on the wire mesh. That is why for long-term bedding, wire mesh is not recommended.

Linoleum and Ceramic Tile

Linoleum is a good option as flooring for the rabbit hutch and cage. Usually, rabbits don’t face any significant problems with the Linoleum flooring.

If your bunny is litter-trained, Linoleum bedding is a good choice for the indoor rabbit cage or hutch.

Solid Plastic

Solid plastic flooring is a good choice for hutches and cages. They are inexpensive and very easy to clean. You could easily put it on the hutch or cage flooring.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend you use the open fresh grass as flooring for the outdoor rabbit run. If you think your bunny will escape from the outdoor rabbit run, you could use the Omlet rabbit run.

They are safe from predators and escape-proof. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


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