Best Outdoor Rabbit Run

Allowing your rabbits to enjoy fresh air and space to hop and play outside is wonderful, but they need a safe enclosure. Choosing the right outdoor rabbit run ensures your rabbits can thrive while protected from predators and bad weather.

In this article, we’ll highlight top recommendations for pre-built and DIY outdoor runs for rabbits of different sizes. We’ll cover important features to look for like durable materials, proper spacing between wire fencing, and accessories like shelters, toys, and tunnels. Whether you want a simple panel system or a more permanent hutch-and-run combo, we’ll help identify the best outdoor run options to keep your rabbits secure while giving them room to exercise and express natural behaviors.

Without further ado, let’s explore the best outdoor run for your bunnies.

best outdoor rabbit run

Why Do You Need an Outdoor Rabbit Run?

An adult bunny needs at least 4 feet by 8 feet space with at least 3 feet of height outdoor run. You should keep the bunny in the rabbit run for at least 4 hours a day.

Usually, you will not get a rabbit hutch with such dimensions. So, an outdoor rabbit run is essential to keep your bunny safe and healthy.

Best Outdoor Rabbit Run Review

Omlet Outdoor Rabbit Run

Omlet outdoor rabbit run

If you are looking for a spacious outdoor rabbit run to set up in your backyard, you could consider this Omlet Outdoor rabbit run.

Unlike the traditional wire mesh low-quality outdoor rabbit run, this one is sturdy and stylish in appearance. Most importantly this is a customizable rabbit run. You can use it according to your convenience.


The overall dimension of this outdoor rabbit run is 7’3″ x (Width) x 6’8″ (Height) x 7’3″ (Length).

You can set up the rabbit run both horizontally and vertically.

So, it doesn’t matter what types of rabbit breeds you own. This rabbit run is perfect for all the giant and dwarf breeds.


I love the customizable features of this rabbit run. You can add the Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch to this rabbit run.

Chew and digging proof

Digging is the instinct of the bunny. Since this outdoor rabbit run is made for placing in the backyard, it comes with an extra layer of fence to stop digging.

Predator-proof, sturdy, and long-lasting

This outdoor rabbit run is made from sturdy material. This Omlet rabbit run is weatherproof and rustproof. You can use this one year after year without any problem.

Things that I like most

  • Very large space for multiple bunnies
  • Well ventilated area
  • Predator, chew, digging-proof rabbit run
  • Customizable for attaching the rabbit cage
  • Too large to place the rabbit’s hidden toy, small nesting box, cage, and other necessary things
  • Very easy to clean

Things that I don’t like

  • It doesn’t come with the cover and flooring, so you have to buy them separately

Zippi Rabbit Runs and Playpens – Portable Outdoor Rabbit Run

If you are looking for a portable option for an outdoor rabbit run you could consider these Zippi rabbit runs and playpens.

You can use this both as an outdoor rabbit run and playpen. Like the backyard rabbit run, you could connect the Eglu rabbit hutch and tunnel system with this Zippi rabbit run.


Zippi is a customizable outdoor rabbit run and different sizes are available.

You can cover an area of 4ft 9in by 3ft 2in when assembling in the rectangle shape. 

Let’s have a look at the dimensions of the materials included.

  • Walls and Roof mesh size: 1.50 x 1.50 inches
  • Underfloor Mesh size: 3.07 x 3.07 inches
  • Skirt mesh size: 1.50 x 3.07 inches
Zippi outdoor metal rabbit run

Things I like most

  • 2 years warranty
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Lightweight and transportable outdoor run
  • Very easy to store in the garage
  • You can add extension kits to make the outdoor run more interactive
  • Very easy to clean and organize

Things that I don’t like

  • This package doesn’t include the run cover

What should you consider before buying an outdoor run?


Security is the most crucial part of the outdoor rabbit run. Because you will not always monitor your bunny when they are on the outdoor run.

Probably you will attach the outdoor run with the cage by the tunnel toy.

So, you have to buy the sturdiest and longest-lasting outdoor rabbit run.

Digging and chewing are the real concern to keep the bunnies.

So, keep in mind while buying an outdoor rabbit run.


Size is another crucial part. The outdoor rabbit run should be spacious and well-ventilated. Otherwise, your primary intention like keeping the bunny happy will not succeed.

Other facts

You should buy a rabbit run with a cover. But a popular brand like Omlet doesn’t offer cover with the package. So, you need to spend some extra bucks on buying the cover.

A sturdy cover will protect your bunny from rain and sun.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor rabbit runs are an awesome gift for the bunny. Your bunny will be so happy with this gift.

You could buy the rabbit run from Omlet. They are professional in service and customer support. In addition, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Wow, that’s incredible.

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