Can Male Rabbit Stay with Babies? (In-Depth Guide)

Most bucks are gentle. Usually, they will not disturb their offspring.

You should not keep the baby bunnies with the male rabbits. Because the female rabbit can be pregnant within a few hours after delivering the babies! To save the momma bunny you must separate the Buck and Doe rabbit.

Anyway, keep reading to learn more about what should you do after the delivery.

Why Should You Separate the Buck from the Doe?

Preventing the repeated pregnancy is the major reason for separating the Buck from the doe. Rabbits are prey animals.

In nature, they can not survive long. The average surviving period of the wild bunny is 6 to 8 months in nature. Although the lifespan of a rabbit is 5 to 10 years.

So, naturally, the fertility of rabbits is very high. We domesticated rabbits for more than hundreds of years. If the domestic bunny becomes pregnant repeatedly without a passage of time, there is a high chance of death of the female bunny.

Repeated pregnancy is disastrous for the female bunny. To keep your female bunny safe and sound, you should separate the male and female bunny a couple of weeks before the delivery time.

Can Male Rabbit Stay with Babies

Do Male Rabbits Kill the Babies?

No, the male rabbits will not kill the baby bunnies. But some specific breeds like the Lionhead male can not tolerate their offspring. Because they consider the offspring as the mating competitor. In some rare cases, the particular breed can attack the baby bunnies.

The best practice is to keep the baby bunnies separate from the male rabbits. As a result, the momma bunny will take care of the baby bunny properly in their nesting box.

Do Male Rabbits Eat Their Babies?

No the male rabbits eat their babies. It is against nature. Usually, the male rabbits are good dads but we should not keep them in the same cage to prevent repeated pregnancy.

The male rabbit doesn’t eat their babies. But the momma bunny eats their dead babies in the nest. It is an astonishing fact. The momma bunny doesn’t take the dead baby (less than 1 week) out of the nest (in the wild). This is a miracle of nature.

Do Wild Male Rabbits Stay with Their Babies?

No the wild male rabbits don’t stay with their babies. Because the mamma rabbits make a different nest for their babies. The presence of Buck and Doe attracts the predators.

To save the offspring from the predators both the male and female rabbits don’t stay with their babies. 

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When to Separate Male and Female Baby Rabbits?

You should separate the male and female baby rabbits when they are 4 months. Because the baby bunnies become matured at the age of 5 months.

If you keep them, the female bunny will be pregnant. Early pregnancy is dangerous for any animal. So, to keep the baby bunnies healthy and safe you should separate the baby bunnies at the age of 4 months.

Final Thoughts

Usually, the dad rabbit cares for their offspring. In nature, if the baby bunnies go away from their territory, the dad bunny takes back the baby bunnies in their territory.

However, for the maximum safety of the domestic baby bunny and mamma bunny, you should keep the Buck and Doe separately.

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