Orphaned Baby Rabbits Care

Raising orphaned baby rabbits (kits) is an enormous undertaking that requires round-the-clock care and attention. When a litter loses its mother, whether due to death, illness, or abandonment, the kits’ survival depends entirely on their human caretakers. From keeping them warm to proper feeding and bathroom habits, fulfilling the needs of orphaned kits is complex and labor-intensive.

If you find yourself in the position of a surrogate rabbit mom, it’s crucial to educate yourself on these tiny babies’ extensive care requirements. With dedication and patience, orphaned kits can grow into healthy adult rabbits.

In this article, you will learn how to feed the true orphan and wild and domestic baby bunny from 0 to 9 weeks.

Orphaned Rabbits Care

So, when you find a wild baby bunny in your backyard, probably it is not an orphan bunny. Probably its mom is roaming around. However, at first, you must ensure that the baby bunny is orphaned before taking care.

So, How Can You Understand Whether the Wild Rabbit Is Orphaned or Not?

You already know that wild rabbits are not orphaned in most cases. Its mother will come in the evening. If you find a baby bunny without opening eyes, they are too young to take care of. If the abdomen of the baby bunny is high, please leave the bunny in the nest. It is not an orphaned bunny.

Sad but true, most of the wild baby bunny can not survive in the nest. If you find a baby bunny that is very weak but still alive, you could contact a wildlife rehabber or a vet instantly. Or you can call the Humane Society for a referral https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/how-find-wildlife-rehabilitator.

If you are confident enough and you have the time to take care, you can bring the orphan baby bunny inside your house. I appreciate your courage to bring the baby bunny inside the home.

Orphaned Baby Rabbits Care

How to Save a Baby Bunny from Dying?

If you are sure that the mom bunny is killed or died, you can bring the baby bunnies inside the home. Caring for a true orphaned wild baby bunny is not an easy task. But it is not impossible.

Before handing over the orphaned baby bunny to the wildlife rehabber, you should take care of the orphaned baby bunny.

You could make a formula to feed the baby bunny with a syringe. Please don’t provide the cow milk to the baby bunny. Cow milk is not appropriate for the baby bunny. Instead of cow milk, you could give the goat milk with KMR kitten. Also, you could feed the KMR kitten only to the baby bunny.

You know the mom rabbit feeds the baby bunnies twice a day. So, you should follow nature. Don’t overfeed the baby bunnies.

Before feeding the baby bunny, please sterile the syringe. The sitting position of the bunny is important. Keep the bunny in an upright position. Then feed the bunny.

What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother

The newborn baby or less than 1 week: 2-2.5 cc (twice a day)

1 week-2 week

5-7 cc each feeding (twice a day). The quantity may differ based on the size of the bunny. If it is a giant breed you could provide 7-cc and if it is a dwarf breed you could feed 5-cc.

2-3 Weeks

7-13 cc each feeding (twice a day). At this age, the eyes are open. Start introducing the young rabbit pellet and alfalfa hay. Also, you could give the oat hay or timothy hay.

3-6 Weeks

13-15 cc each feeding (twice a day). Their gut is developing. Besides the formula, they are capable of eating different vegetables, fruits, and other rabbit-safe food.

6-9 weeks

you should continue the formula. This is the transmission age for the baby bunny. You could give the regular rabbit food to the baby bunny.

This formula is the same for the domestic baby rabbit. It is a bit easier to handle the pet rabbit than the wild rabbit.

orphaned rabbit care for the beginner

Where to Keep the Orphaned Baby Rabbit?

You know wild rabbits make a nest before childbirth in the wild. Rabbits are sensitive and adorable animals. Moreover, they are prey animals. In most cases, a rabbit can not survive more than 8-10 months in the wild. Although the average life span of the rabbit is 7-10 years.

So, you should be careful with the dog and cats when keeping the orphaned bunny in your home. Although most of the cat breeds are rabbit-friendly. But you should be careful.

Warm Habitat

Mother rabbits make the nest with their fur and other soft particles. So, you should provide warm and soft bedding inside the nest. Also, you could use the rabbit hutch or cage to keep the baby rabbit.

Rabbits are adorable. So, if you find an abandoned baby rabbit in the wild, you can take care of the baby bunny and keep them as a pet. Rabbits are friendly and easy to adopt. They will be the best companion of your kids. Your kids will be responsible.

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