5 Best Kaytee Rabbit Food Reviews (Real Experience)

Kaytee is one of the fewest pet food companies that achieve the safe quality food level 2 certification (SQF).

Kaytee has been providing the best quality pet food for more than 150 years (founded in 1866). So, there is no confusion about the dedication and quality of Kaytee.

Kaytee started their business in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Now their headquarters is in Chilton, Wisconsin. They collect the ingredients from the local producers from the very beginning. They are associated with the local Zoos, universities, and research labs to ensure maximum purity.

As rabbit parents, finding fresh and rabbit-safe food is always hard for us. Although hay is the main food item for the bunny, they need pellet food for nutrition.

Among all the food from Kaytee, the Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit 2 in-1 is the best food for rabbits. This Veterinarian recommends rabbit food is made from hand-selected hay. So, it is completely safe for the bunny.

Thanks, Kaytee for providing the top quality and fresh rabbit food with the maximum care. Today we will go through the top Kaytee food for the bunny.

I hope you will benefit and you will get a precise review of all the Kaytee food from this article.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Kaytee Rabbit Food Reviews

Is Kaytee Rabbit Food Good?

No doubt among all the rabbit food producers Kaytee is one of the best suppliers. Their rabbit food items are good and safe for the bunny’s health. They collect the ingredients from local producers and produce badge-to-badge packages to ensure maximum freshness and safety.

From the very beginning, Kaytee has been committed to supporting the local community. Till now they are supported by their backyard community. Kaytee directly observes the field production. You know ingredients are the heart of quality production. Without any hesitation, you could rely on Kaytee for your bunny.

Who is the Producer of Kaytee Rabbit food?

In 1866, Nicholas Knauf founded the Kaytee. Kaytee started their business in Chilton, Wisconsin. Now, their distribution center is in Lafayette, California.

Ingredient of Kaytee Rabbit food

Kaytee collects the ingredients from the local farmer. They mainly use the sun-dried Timothy hay to produce the rabbit pellet. Apart from the timothy hay, they use fresh and quality grain, vegetables, and fruits.

Apart from the raw materials, they use a bit of molasses to bind the pellet. Also, it increases the attraction and taste of rabbit pellet food.

They never use artificial materials or colors. So, this is completely safe for the bunny.


Before starting the review section, we want to warn you and reveal some facts. Probably you have adopted a bunny recently. Sad but true, even some of the experienced bunny parents don’t know the right food cycle for the bunny.

Hay is the primary food item for the bunny. You could use pellet food but you should not give a lot of pellets to your bunny. Every type of Kaytee rabbit food comes with a daily quantity. So, you should follow the level.

Kaytee Rabbit Food Reviews

Timothy Complete rabbit food is one of the signature recipes from the Kaytee. You know rabbits need a high amount of fiber for good digestion. That is why we provide a continuous supply of hay. Besides the hay, we provide a limited amount of pellet food to our bunny.

We recommend this Timothy complete rabbit food because it comes with a combination of hay and pellets. Moreover, it contains timothy hay. That is why it is more digestion-friendly than the other pellets.

This Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food is completely free from alfalfa and corn. So, your bunny will not be fatty after a certain time. If you are struggling with the pellet food for your bunny you could try this nutritious Kaytee complete timothy rabbit food.

Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit Food

If you are looking for a surprise gift for your bunny, you could consider this Kaytee Fiesta. This Kaytee Fiesta is blended with fresh corn, vegetables, grains, and other rabbit-safe ingredients. Your bunny will love this fortified blended gourmet food.

Don’t worry about the pellet quality. This Kaytee Fiesta is recommended by veterans. But you should not give a lot of gourmet pellets to your bunny at a time.

This Kaytee Fiesta is idle for the treat and litter training. Additionally, if you are looking for something unique to change the feeding habit of your bunny, this Kaytee Fiesta will be a good item indeed.

This Kaytee Fiesta doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients or toxic materials. So, it is completely safe for the bunny.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Rabbit Food

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro is another signature rabbit food from Kaytee. This Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro comes with crunchy bites. It is good for the dental health of your bunny.

We want to warn you on some points. This Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro is only for adult rabbits. If your bunny is less than 7 months old, please don’t buy it.

You know the digestive systems of the adult and young bunnies are different. So, don’t feed this particular pellet to the smaller bunny.

This Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro is specially formulated for the bunny. So don’t feed it to your other small pets like the guinea pig and hamsters.

Kaytee Food from The Wild Rabbit

This Kaytee Food from The Wild Rabbit is a mixture of natural foraging. This could be a good treat for your bunny. it is crunchy and tasty indeed.

Kaytee produces this Kaytee Food from The Wild Rabbit from natural ingredients. There are no artificial or toxic materials here.

Again, for your kind information, pellets are not the regular food for the bunnies. It is perfect for a great purpose.

Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food

Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food is the last item on this list. This is another popular Kaytee pellet food for the adult bunny. Like all the pellets from the Kaytee, this one is also free from artificial colors and materials.

All the ingredients in this package are safe for the bunny. Although the manufacturer claims it is idle for all age groups, you should not feed to all age groups.

Young bunnies are sensitive. Even your bunny will die from the wrong food selection. So, you should be careful.

Final Thoughts

We prefer the Kaytee Timothy complete Hay to all other Kaytee rabbit pellets. It doesn’t mean that other foods are bad. They are good. But providing this kind of high amount of treats causes obesity in your bunny. in the long run, it is not good for the bunny.

So, you should consider the timothy hay food. I believe this guide will help you to get an overall idea of the Kaytee rabbit food.


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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