When Do Rabbits Sleep?

Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk, often described as “crepuscular” animals. This means their sleep patterns are different of humans and many other pets. Rabbits generally sleep during the middle of the day and middle of the night, roughly 4-6 hours per 24-hour period. However, cycles may vary based on a rabbit’s age, personality, and whether they live indoors or outdoors.

Understanding when your rabbit is most likely to sleep allows you to plan times for interaction and prevents disturbing their rest. Pay attention to your bunny’s habits so you can create an environment that caters to their natural rhythms. A proper sleep schedule is vital to your rabbit’s health and well-being.

Anyway, understanding the rabbit sleeping, you could be interested in some other facts. So, let’s explore the facts about rabbit sleeping.

Do Rabbits Sleep at Night?

Yes, obviously. Though Darkness is not mandatory for sleeping with the rabbit, the rabbit usually judges their sleeping time based on their energy level. If they feel exhausted, like after playing or exploring their surroundings, they fall asleep. 

But the scenario is not the same as the wild rabbit. There is a vast difference between pet rabbits and wild rabbits. Since rabbits are prey animals, they always become alert to save themselves.

So, the wild animal only sleeps when they think that their surroundings are safe. Otherwise not.

When you adopt a new bunny and get them in your home, they usually become cautious due to the new environment. So, in the beginning, your rabbit could be nervous.

But by the passing of time, your bunny will be accustomed to the environment. When they become accustomed to the condition, there is no hard and fast rule for their sleeping time.

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Do Rabbits Sleep At Day?

Yes, pet rabbits sleep in both day and night time. At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that the rabbit becomes active in the dusk and dawn.

After an active period, they become exhausted and fall asleep in the morning like the night. You know it is directly related to the stomach’s energy level and condition (full or empty).

How Many Hours Do Rabbits Sleep A Day?

Pet rabbit usually sleeps around 8 hours a day. Like a human being, 8 hours sleeping in a day is the sign of a healthy rabbit.

Yes, the sleeping time may vary from breed to breed or for the rabbit’s surroundings. You will find a lot of pet rabbits that sleep around 10 hours a day.   

Anyway, there is a correlation between sleep and food. If you don’t provide enough hay and pellet food, your bunny will be hungry. You know no one can sleep in a hungry belly.

Bunnies are not different in this case. So, you should provide the right food to your rabbit.

However, despite ensuring the relaxing environment and the right food, you don’t see your bunny sleeping, don’t worry. It is their genetic trait to become aware even during sleeping time.

Rabbit Sleeping Positions

It is crucial to know about the actual sleeping position of your rabbit.

Generally, rabbits lie on their side or front position when sleeping. You may also find a sleeping rabbit in the loaf position. Their body relaxes and breathing slowly. Yes, you may find some rabbits snoring while sleeping. 

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Do Rabbits Sleep with Eyes Open or Closed?

It depends on the rabbits. Some rabbit entirely closes their eyes while sleeping. Also, some of them keep half-closing.

So, in most cases, rabbit parents become confused about whether their rabbit is sleeping or not.

If you find all the symptoms of sleeping like a relaxed body, snoring, and slow breathing, you can be assured that your bunny is sleeping then.

Where do Rabbits Sleep?

Rabbit is a social creature. They love to sleep in a comfortable bed. There are different types of rabbit bedding available in the market.

I’ve already written an in-detail blog post on rabbit bedding. Here, I only mention the types. You could select any of them according to your convenience.

  • Crumble Paper bedding
  • Aspen bedding
  • Hemp Bedding
  • Paper Pulp Bedding
  • Paper Pellets
  • Fleece bedding
  • Hay
  • Megazorb
  • Straw pellet

Apart from these types of bedding, you could use DIY bedding for rabbits.

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How To Make A Rabbit Sleep At Night?

It is really disturbing if your bunny stays up at night. You know bunny loves to explore their surroundings, chewing toys and nearby things. So, it is a widespread problem for rabbit parents.

However, it is impossible to command your bunny. Your bunny never pays heed to you whatever you do.

So, it would be better to apply some tricks to make your bunny exhausted in the nighttime.

Exercise Your Rabbit

You know rabbits are active in the dusk. So, you could set up an exercise pen in your yard for playing and exercise purposes.

Keep your bunny in the exercise pen and allow them free movement until they become exhausted.

Or you could use a rabbit playpen inside your house. Playpen works both as a case and a playground.

I hope by applying these simple tricks, you can control your bunny.

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Final Thoughts

So, rabbits are unique creatures, indeed. They are not like other herbivores. Naturally, they are active, energetic, and aware animals. That is why they are one of the best pets, and people love them.

Don’t worry about it when doing your rabbit sleep. Your bunny is ok until you see any unnatural activities or behavior of your bunny.


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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