7 Proven Ways To Stop Your Bunny From Chewing Everything

Chewing is very common for the rabbit. you can not stop the rabbit from chewing. You will not find any rabbit parents who are not tensed of the chewing behavior of rabbits.

You can stop your rabbit from chewing everything by providing a lot of toys like chew toys, hide toys, treat toys, and wooden toys. Also, you have to ensure a spacious living area and companion for the rabbit.

Anyway, let’s figure out the reason for chewing and the solution to this problem.

Why Do Rabbits Chew?

Well, rabbit teeth grow continuously. To trim their teeth naturally, they chew everything. These are their genetic traits. Chewing is the only solution to trim their teeth, especially for wild rabbits.

Apart from caring for teeth, sometimes pet rabbits chew for entertainment. If your bunny feels lonely, he will start chewing. Also, he wants to grab the attention.

So, don’t be upset with their chewing habit. It is very natural indeed.

Proven Ways To Stop Your Bunny From Chewing Everything

So, What is the Solution to Chewing Everything?

You can control their chewing habit by providing enrichment toys, and hay, getting another rabbit, spay, or neuter, and providing a large living space.

1.Provide Chew Toy

Pet rabbits need an interacting environment to overcome boredom. Various types of toys are available in the market. among them, chew toys are the best to stop chewing everything.

You can provide an apple bunch as a chew toy. Rabbit loves the apple bunch. Apple bunch is good for their teeth.

Apart from the apple bunch, there are a lot of commercial chew toys available in the market. you could buy the chew toys as well.

When your bunny is busy with the toys, he will stop chewing everything automatically.

2.Provide a large habitat

You know, rabbits are energetic creatures. They are very active in the morning and night. They love to explore everywhere.

So, it is important to provide ample space for living. Because most of the rabbit parents don’t have enough time to play with their bunny every day. So you could provide a wooden hutch for your rabbit.

large hutch for rabbit

3.Provide an outdoor exercise Pen

Rabbit needs at least 4 hours of playtime. An outdoor exercise pen is a good option for the rabbits indeed. You could set up an exercise pen in your backyard. your bunny will have a good time in the afternoon here during the summer.

4.Use Treat toy for mental stimulation

Treat toys are great for mental stimulation. You could give the pellet food and vegetables in a scattered way on the rabbit hutch. Your bunny will be busy searching for food. It will reduce the chewing of your necessary items.

5.Spay or Neuter Your Rabbit

We are discussing the pet rabbits here. so there is no commercial intent here. As a conscious rabbit parent, you should not promote breeding. You know there are lots of abandoned rabbits everywhere.

So, you should spay your female bunny and neuter your male bunny. Spaying and neutering are not harmful to the rabbits. Moreover, the male and female can live a happy conjugal life. Consequently, the chewing habit will be minimized.

6.Get another Rabbit

If you have a single rabbit, you could get another rabbit. probably your rabbit is lonely and he needs a companion.

So, you could get another rabbit to overcome the boredom. It would be better if you get the opposite sex. Like if you have a male rabbit, you could get another female rabbit and vice versa.

Don’t forget to neuter or spay the rabbits before keeping them in the same hutch or cage.

7.Rabbit-proof your home

Last but not least, you have to rabbit-proof your home. You can not handle your free-roaming bunny always. It would be better to use a puppy gate or similar types of items to minimize the exploring zone of your rabbit.

Additionally, you should keep your rabbit in a separate room and don’t allow your rabbit in another room.

if you have enough space in your house, you could use a large wooden rabbit hutch. And you could allow a few hours for free roaming when you are free to take care of your bunny.


How Do I Stop My Rabbit from Chewing Wires?

You could use a wire insulator to protect your wires from your rabbit. This is a temporary solution. It would be better if you don’t keep any wire on the floor or the reach of the rabbit.

How to Stop a Rabbit Chewing Its Hutch?

By providing plenty of interactive toys and food, you could stop a rabbit from chewing its hutch. Also, the length of the hutch is important. The hutch of the rabbit should be large enough for the rabbit.

How to Stop Wild Rabbits Chewing Wires?

By using different organic repellents, you could stop wild rabbits from chewing wires. You could also use DIY rabbit repellent to stop wild rabbits from chewing wires.

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are cute. But sometimes rabbits are naughty. Don’t be upset. You have to be patient to stop the chewing habit of your bunny. By applying these tips, I hope you will be benefited. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

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