Best Rabbit Cage Wire [Based on Mesh Size And Quality 2020]

Are you looking for the best rabbit cage wire? Well, you are in the right place.

Here, I’ll briefly discuss the top rabbit cage wire along with the necessary pieces of equipment to set up. 

You should pick the safest and sturdiest Cage wire for your rabbit cage or outdoor hutch. You know, the cage wire is the only barrier between your beloved bunny and predators.  

Without further ado, let’s jump on the main topics. 

Recommend Tools For Cage Wire

Best Cage wire

YARDGARD 308247B Hardware Cloth


Best Tin Snip 

MIDWEST Bulldog Aviation Tin Snip

MIDWEST Bulldog Aviation Tin Snip

Best Staple Gun

WETOLS Staple Gun

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

Best Rabbit Cage Wire – Comparison Table



product Name

Mesh Size




YARDGARD 308247B Hardware Cloth


1/4 inches mesh

hot dipped galvanized steel

Check  Price




1/2-inches mesh

hot dipped galvanized steel

Check  Price




1 inch x 1 inch

Galvanized zinc coated steel

Check  Price




1/2 Inch X 1 Inch

Galvanized cage wire

Check  Price


Garden Zone 403010

Garden Zone 403010

1/2 Inch X 1 Inch

Galvanized cage wire

Check  Price

In-depth Rabbit Cage Wire Reviews 

1. YARDGARD 308247B Hardware Cloth 24-Inch x 50-Foot

YARDGARD 308247B Hardware Cloth

You will find different types of cage wire in the market. But all are not perfect for outdoor rabbit cage. I know you are looking for a cage wire to ensure more safety in the unsafe condition.

Whether you have a baby bunny or adult, if you want to make their cage more secure, you could rely on my top pick. 

This silver color cage wire comes with ¼ inch mesh. That means it is much secure than other cage wire. 

This hot-dipped galvanized cage wire ensure robust security of your rabbit cage indeed. Moreover, this heavy-duty wire cage is long-lasting and entirely rust-free. 

So, you could use this cage wire outdoor purpose as well as indoor purpose. 

  • 23 gauge galvanized steel wire
  • Double zinc coated 
  • Uniformly welded rust free wire
  • Height: 2 foot 
  • length: 50 foot 
  • Mesh size: 1/4 inch

2. YARDGARD 308199B Hardware Cloth


This another model of YARDGARD cage wire. YARDGARD 308199B Hardware Cloth is the second-best in this cage wire list. 

However, it is my second pick for two reasons. One is the mesh size and another is quality and long-lasting. 

This cage wire comes with ½ inch mesh size. That means, there is no chance of predator attack here. 

Anyway, it is made with galvanized and zinc-coated steel. So, don’t worry about rust anymore. 

  • Double zinc coating 
  • Maximum Rust resistance
  • Height: 2 foot
  • length: 50 foot 
  • Mesh size: ½ inch
  • 19 gauze steel Galvanized cage wire  

3. YARDGARD 309312A Galvanized Welded Wire


If you are looking for comparatively larger mesh sized cage wire, this one is for you. You could use this sturdy cage wire for both indoor and outdoor door purpose certainly. 

However, the mesh size of this cage wire is 1 inch by 1 inch. It is a long-lasting product indeed for its rust-free feature.

Apart from the rabbit cage, you could use this fencing wire for different purposes like property demarcation, protecting seedlings, garden and others. 

  • 16 gauge steel Galvanized wire
  • zinc coating cage wire
  • Rust free 
  • Height: 2 foot
  • length: 25 foot 
  • Mesh size: 1 inch by 1 inch 

4. YARDGARD 309301A galvanized welded wire


This one is another quality cage wire from YARDGARD. It comes with almost the same features as the previous one. 

The main difference in the mesh size. If you are looking for a small meshed size cage wire for more security, this one could be your right choice. 

The mesh size of this cage wire is .5 inch by 1 inch. So, you can ensure more safety for your bunny. 

It is rust-free and galvanized before welding. So, you could rely on this quality product. 

  • 16 gauge steel Galvanized cage wire
  • Rust free 
  • Height: 2 foot 
  • length: 25 foot 
  • Mesh size: 1/2 inch by 1 inch

5. Garden Zone 403010 1/2″ x 1″ Mesh 16-Gauge Galvanized Wire Fence

Garden Zone 403010

Well, this one is the last cage wire in my list. If you are looking for a cage wire to protect your garden from rabbit, you could use this Galvanized Wire Fence. 

Since it comes with ½ inch mesh size, your bunny can not enter into the seedlings area of the garden. 

By using this wire fence, you could save your vegetable garden both from your pet rabbits and wild rabbits also. 

  • 16 gauge steel Galvanized cage wire
  • Rust free 
  • Height: 30 inch
  • length: 10 foot 
  • Mesh size: 1/2 inch by 1 inch

Required Rabbit Cage Wire Tools

If you are not a professional, only the cage wire isn’t enough. You need at least two different tools to organize the cage wire.

They are Tin Snips and Heavy Duty Stapler.

Though these tools are available in most of the house, if you don’t have, you could follow my recommendation. 

Tin Snip

Now you have the cage wire. But you need to cut the wire according to the size. 

It is dangerous to cut the wire in a bare hand. Even, You might be insured. 

So you could get a metal snip. It makes your job easy indeed.  

MIDWEST Bulldog Aviation Tin Snip

Well, This MIDWEST Bulldog Aviation Tin Snip is one of the best sheet metal snips in the market. 

This heavy-duty tool includes threaded thru pivot bolt that ensures the two slides in alignment for a lifetime. 

So you will get the same experience from the first cut to the last cut. 

This high temper snip can cut up to 18 gauge steel. That means you could do almost every household work with this quality Tin Snip. 

  • Soft grip
  • Long-lasting 
  • threaded thru pivot bolt
  • It Can cut up to 18 gauge steel 
  • Heavy-duty stapler

Heavy Duty Stapler

WETOLS Staple Gun

This one is my last recommended tool. However, you could do the job by using a hammer. 

But I recommend you not to use a hammer. If you are unfamiliar with handling wire mesh, there is a high chance of injury here. 

So you could get a heavy-duty stapler. And this WETOLS Staple Gun is my top favorite.

This is a 3 in 1 multi functional staple guns. With this package, you will get 2400 pieces to staple along with the staple gun. 

Most importantly, you will get three different types of staples here. 

  • D staple 
  • U staple 
  • T staple

Last but not least, it is straightforward to operate. You can do the job perfectly, even in your very first experience. 

How to select the rabbit cage wire? 

Choosing the right cage wire is the most crucial part for making a rabbit hutch or cage. You want to make sure the maximum safety to your bunny. 

Cage wire is not only for the predator, but it prevents escaping your bunny also. 

So, choosing the right type is essential. Otherwise, you will be the looser. 

What is the right shape for rabbit cage wire?

Though you will find different shaped wire mesh in the market, they are not suitable for rabbit cage. 

You should consider a rectangle shape rather than hexagonal, octagonal or others. 

rabbit cage wire vs chicken coop

Types of cage wire 

Well, I’ve already ready mentioned that you would find different types of cage wire. But all of them are not worthy, indeed. 

Galvanized cage wire

Galvanized cage wire is the best type among the cage wires. Most cage builders prefer this type. 

Galvanized cage wire made with the sturdy and long-lasting steel. It is not only steel, but there is also a coat of zinc here to prevent rust. 

Metal cage wire

This is a widespread type. For short term use, it is good. But for kong term, it is just a waste of money. 

You will find rust problem after using some days. Ultimately, you can not use it anyway. So, you should avoid plain metal cage wire. 

Garden cage wire

These are included in the galvanized cage wire. The manufacturers use a different name for selling a particular purpose. But the materials are the same. 

FAQ about rabbit cage wire 

Rabbit wire sizes 

You know different sizes are available in the market. 

Usually, the dimension of the rabbit cage wire is 24-inch height and 25 foot long. Apart from this standard size, other sizes are also available. 

Anyway, it’s not a significant matter what is the size. You have the flexibility to cut the wire with tin snip. 

Rabbit wire prices 

Like the size, prices also vary on quality and stability. You could get a regular and small-sized wire cage only for 20 bucks. But for upgraded and long-lasting cage wire you might spend up to 50 bucks. 

Final Thoughts

Long story short, for making a DIY rabbit hutch or cage, you need a quality rabbit cage wire as well as the necessary tools. Without any doubt, You could rely on my top picks. I can assure you that you will be the gainer. 

Please don’t compromise with the quality of the cage wire. The security of your rabbit cage mostly depends on this single fact. 

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.   

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