Best Bedding For Rabbits of 2021 | Review & Buying Guide

No doubt, your cutest furry friend deserves comfortable bedding. Perfect bedding allows a quality sleep to your bunny when you are not with him or her. Finding the best bedding for rabbits is difficult sometimes, especially for the beginners.   

You could use some particular types of bedding for your bunny. Because some specific beddings are harmful to the bunny, don't worry, I have compiled all the information regarding rabbit bedding in this article removing your confusion and ensuring the perfect environment for the bunny. 

Anyway, if you are too busy to read the whole article, Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding is my best choice for rabbit bedding for comfortable use. 

At first, let's have a look at the comparison of the best bedding for the bunny in the market.

We Recommend...

Best Premium

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Natural Paper

Most Absorbent

crumble bedding for rabbit

Vitakraft Crumble Bedding

Most Convenient 

fleece bedding for rabbit

GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

Best Rabbit Bedding - Comparison Table



product Name





Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Paper Pulp Bedding

Made from Unbleached Fiber


paper pellets bedding

So Phresh Paper Pellet

paper Pellet Bedding

Made from Recycled Paper


crumble bedding for rabbit

Vitakraft  Crumble Bedding

Crumble Bedding

Made from Recycled Paper


fleece bedding for rabbit

GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

Fleece Bedding

Washable and waterproof


aspen bedding for rabbit

Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

Aspen Bedding 

Natural bedding


hemp bedding for rabbit

RentACoop Hemp Bedding

Hemp Bedding

sweet Fragrant & High absorbent 


hay bedding for rabbit

Kaytee Supreme Food

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay


straw pellet

Oxbow Eco-Straw

Straw Pellet

High Fiber wheat Straw


Megazorb Animal Bedding

Megazorb Animal Bedding

Megazorb Bedding

virgin wood pulp

Different Types of Rabbit Bedding

Well, before going in-depth review, I want to clear you the types of rabbit bedding. Though there are a lot of kinds of bedding is available in our surroundings, all of them are not worthy indeed. So, I have listed the major 9 types of rabbit bedding here.

  1. Paper Pulp Bedding
  2. Paper Pellets
  3. Crumble Paper bedding
  4. Aspen bedding
  5. Hemp Bedding
  6. Hay
  7. Fleece bedding
  8. Straw pellet
  9. Megazorb

Best Bedding For Rabbits

1. Paper Pulp Bedding

Paper Pulp bedding is not very common a few years back among the bunny parents. Now a day, it has been popular day by day. This type of bedding is suitable for indoor use because of its high absorbent power, odor control facility and cost-saving features.

Best Paper Pulp Bedding

#Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Although there are not many options available in the market, I found this Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding is best. This one is a product of a small pet select who is a reliable brand indeed.

It is made in USA product. You could use this product certainly that it doesn't come with any additives and chemicals.

Don't be surprised by the packet size. The packet comes with compressed size and you will get 3x more than the quantity. It is soft and very comfortable for the bunny. Your bun will sit on the paper pulp in a relaxed way. 


  • Made from sludge free and unbleached fiber
  • Food grade standard
  • Eco friendly
  • Perfect for the tree as organic fertilizer
  • Eco friendly
  • 100% natural
  • High absorbent

2. Paper Pellets

Usually, paper pellets are made from recycled paper and they come to litter shape. This one almost looks like wood pellets. But they are more effective than wood pellets. Paper pellets are usually more absorbent than wood pellets.

Paper pellets are a familiar type of rabbit bedding to the bunny parents. It is a preferable item to us for its extra absorptive capacity and odor control feature.

Best paper pellets

#So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter

paper pellets bedding

Perhaps, So Phresh Paper Pellet is the most inexpensive but effective paper pellet in the market. It comes with all the quality of paper pellet and perfect for indoor use as rabbit litter.

I select it as my top pick because this product comes with backing soda for odor control. So, if you don't have allergy in baking soda, you could select this one for beloved furry friends.

  • No scent
  • Odor control
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Environment friendly
  • Moisture locking and highly absorbent

3. Crumble Paper Bedding

Crumble paper bedding is like to the paper pellets. The main difference is that crumbled papers are crumbled in size, and the pellets are pellets in size.

However, you can safely use the paper crumbles in the cage and hutch.

Features are the same as the paper pellets. It should be changed regularly and a little bit costly.

Best crumble paper bedding

#Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

crumble bedding for rabbit

After exploring all the products, I found this Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding is the best one in the market. It is soft, cozy and comfortable for the bunny.

It is dust-free, so don't worry about the waste of money. This crumbles paper bedding can absorb 3x than its weight. Moreover, it can control the odor up to 14 days.


  • Baking soda free
  • 14 days' odor control (maximum than any product)
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Environment friendly
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Made in the USA

4. Aspen Bedding

If you prefer wooden items for rabbit bedding, you can consider aspen bedding. This one is the best bedding from wooden items.

It is entirely dust-free. No presence of aromatic oils or phenol makes it safe for your bunny.

Besides, its odorless characteristics make it demandable to the bunny owners.

Best Aspen Bedding

#Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

aspen bedding for rabbit

Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding comes with natural aspen shavings, and it is safe for the bunny. Even the rabbit can chew it. To use this aspen bedding just remove all the wooden shaving and place this premium aspen bedding.

It comes with low dust. That is why it is comfortable for the bunny and the bunny parents. Moreover, it is straightforward to clean as this product is biodegradable.


  • Cost-effective
  • Odorless and dust-free
  • Nontoxic and chemical-free
  • Environment friendly

5. Hemp Bedding

Hemp bedding is another good option for rabbit bedding. It is entirely safe for the bunny. Moreover, it is eatable bedding also.

You can use this type of bedding for an indoor rabbit cage. Because it left a sweet fragrance.

Only the drawback it has a massive chance of creating a messy environment by the bunny. So, you may need extra time to clean it.

Best Hemp Bedding

#RentACoop Hemp Bedding

hemp bedding for rabbit

This RentACoop Hemp Bedding is the most popular and effective in the amazon. Since it is digestible, if your bunny eats this bedding, it is not dangerous at all.

However, this environmentally friendly product (residue after using) is suitable compost fertilizer. So, this could be a worthy investment if you love gardening like me.


  • safe for bunny
  • high absorbent
  • sweet fragrance
  • no bad odor

6. Hay Bediing

Hay is the most common and available bedding items for any type of domestic animal and pet. Without any doubt, it is the safest option among all kinds of bedding. People use hay as bedding and food for century. It is the most traditional way to keep your bunny warm and relax.

Anyway, it will be cheaper to buy hay from the local farmer rather than the online market. You could buy quality hay from amazon for feeding purpose.

Best hay Bedding

#Kaytee Timothy Hay

hay bedding for rabbit

However, if you think you can purchase hay regularly for bedding purposes, you could choose Kaytee Timothy Hay. Most of the rabbit parents use this premium type hay mainly for feeding mission. however, it is usable for bedding as well as the main food item.

Advantages of Hay

  • Entirely safe for bunny health
  • Eatable
  • Available for everybody


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for indoor use
  • Need cleaning daily
  • Not very soft

7. Fleece bedding

If you are looking for inexpensive and comfortable bedding for the bunny, then Fleece bedding is the best option for you. It is washable, and you have the flexibility to use this type of bedding for a long time. Without any doubt, Fleece bedding or cage lining is the best way for them who want to save their bucks.

Anyway, since you want to save your money, you must put some extra effort here. Just imagine what I am telling you about it! Yes, you must wash the bedding daily. Otherwise, it will become messy and unappropriated for using indoor purposes.

So, if you are a busy person and don't want to handle the pee and poops, this one is not for you!

Best Fleece Bedding

#FLAdorepet Rabbit house bed

 cage liner bedding for rabbit

If you are ready to buy a fleece bedding, I recommend you buy FLAdorepet Rabbit house bed. It is suitable for all-season, but it ensures the maximum comfort in the winter.

This bedding is produced from top quality fabric and soft fleece. Moreover, the shape is unique. Its beautiful shed ensures the privacy of the bunny as well as comfort. 

  • The Dimension is 9"*9"*10* (W*L*H)
  • Unique design and dark restroom
  • Den like security


  • Not perfect for a giant bunny 
  • GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

#GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

fleece bedding for rabbit

I've picked another fleece bedding for you. Though the manufacture advertises it for the Guinea pig, it is ideal for the rabbit. If you have a large rabbit and don't like the first one, you could consider this one.

This one comes with a different shape. So, you could buy one that is suited to your indoor bunny cage. This one is perfect for large size bunny.


  • Inexpensive
  • Extra absorbent bedding
  • Antibacterial surface
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with different size
  • Eco friendly

8. Straw Pellets

Fortunately, the leading pet supply company produced straw pellets for small animal bedding purpose. The vet recommends this type of bedding.

Best Straw pellets

#Oxbow Eco-Straw Pelleted Wheat Straw Litter

straw pellet

After doing extensive research, I found Oxbow Eco-Straw Pelleted Wheat Straw is the best one for the bunny. It comes in the pellet form. It is fresh and odor-free. 

Anyway, Oxbow is a renowned brand in the pet industry. The compress high fiber wheat straw into the pellet.


  • Safe and nontoxic for bunny
  • Environment friendly 
  • Twice more absorbent than newspaper bedding
  • Can absorb 300% more moisture than its weight
  • Dust-free and odor control litter

9. Megazorb Bedding

Basically Megazorb is made from virgin wood pulp. Although People use this bedding mainly for the horse, it suitable for bunny also.

#Megazorb Animal Bedding

Megazorb Animal Bedding

This Megazorb Animal Bedding is available in the UK mostly. Like the other popular bedding, it is super absorbent and environment friendly.

  • Very inexpensive and cost-effective
  • Odor control and fresh appearance
  • Almost no dust

How to Find the Best Bedding for Rabbits? 

At the beginning of the article, I've mentioned finding the best bedding for rabbits is a bit difficult. Because perfect bedding is the combination of some standard features.

Let's explore the criteria to buy the best bedding.  


First thing first. All beddings are not safe for the bunny. You are not allowed to use anything that you have as the rabbit bedding. Like pine shavings are fashionable but not suitable for the bunny. It causes liver disease. I've added a section here what to use and what not to use as rabbit bedding.


If you use something that has less or no absorptive capacity, then there is no benefit of using a premium rabbit bedding.

Using a high absorbent bedding is convenient for both you and your bunny. You need not change it frequently and your bunny will enjoy the comfort. Also, it minimizes your cost.

Each of the bedding I've mentioned in this article, all are highly absorbent and best in the market.

Odor control

If you keep your bunny inside the house, you must go for an odor control rabbit bedding. Some bedding comes with baking soda to control the odor. But if you have the allergy problem, you should avoid this type.

Most of the bedding, especially the pellets, comes with odor control features.


Though you will not find 100% dust-free bedding in the market, you should try to get the dust-free bedding. Because the excess presence of dust makes the cage messy, and it becomes tough to clean the cage. All the bedding I have listed comes with a 95%-99% dust-free feature.  


Providing a comfortable habitat is the primary purpose of rabbit bedding. So, you must buy a rabbit bedding that is comfortable for the bunny. Comfortable bedding helps to remain your bunny relax and happy.


The residue of the bedding should be biodegradable so that you could use it is compost fertilizer. So, consider the environment-friendly bedding while buying one for your bun.

rabbit bedding

Image: pxfuel

What Rabbit Bedding to Avoid for safety?

Now, you have got the list of best bedding for your bunny. But still, there are lots of cheap bedding available in the market. Yes, they are very affordable and accessible. But you shouldn't consider it anyhow.

Please follow this list what to avoid for rabbit bedding.

Raw Straw

people use untreated Straw for the century for bedding purposes of their domestic animal in the countryside. Because Straw is the most convenient item for bedding. Additionally, it is easy to storage. So, Straw is perfect for a large animal like horses, cow, or buffalo.

But it is not suitable for bunny at all. Since the Straw has stiff ends, it could affect the sensitive part of the rabbit's body like the eye, ear, thin skin, and nose. Though raw Straw is eatable and safe for the bunny, you should not use this item as rabbit bedding. you could use the pellet of straw instead of raw straw. 

Cat litter

Many bunny parents are prone to use cat litter for its odor control facility. But remember, it is strongly prohibited for the bunny. Cat litter is nothing but chemical and it is used as the toilet for a cat. So, please ignore this item though you have the availability.

How Often Should You Change the rabbit Bedding?

In a word, once a week. But it depends on which type of rabbit bedding you are using and how many rabbits you have. If you have two or more bunnies, you could clean and alter the bedding twice a week.

You should not reuse the bedding at all. It will create a disgusting ammonia scent. So, clean the litter box or tray with disinfectant than dry the litter box. After drying place new bedding in the cage.

How To Arrange Rabbit Bedding

it depends on the size of the cage or hutch. If you use a large rabbit cage, you should use a litter box or tray to spread the rabbit bedding. Anyway, you will get a good idea of arranging rabbit bedding form the video.

Wrapping Up

Well, now you have a complete idea on rabbit bedding. I have tried to present all the popular type of rabbit beddings with in-depth reviews. So, grab your preferable one and make your bunny happy!

Last but not least, to select the best rabbit bedding, you should get priority on the dust-free and eatable rabbit bedding. I wish you a happy bunny parenting. And please don't forget to share this resource with your fellow bunny lovers. Waiting for your valuable comments and advice! 

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