Mother Rabbit Stepping On Babies (Solved!)

It can be alarming for rabbit owners when they witness a mother rabbit stepping on or seemingly ignoring the squeaks of her newborn kits. However, this behavior is normal. Mother rabbits only feed their babies once or twice a day, so they won’t respond every time a kit cries out.

And while a stomp or kick may seem aggressive, the doe is just trying to get an overly needy kit to give her some space. As long as the kits are gaining weight and appear healthy, the mother’s occasional rough handling is not a cause for concern.

Why Is Mother Rabbit Stepping On Babies?

Rabbits are adorable pets. You know they are not ferocious in behavior. However, sometimes the mother rabbits can step on the babies for some particular reason.

  • Anxiety
  • First time Mom
  • The presence of another male rabbit
  • Tiny space
  • New litter or bedding
Mother Rabbit Stepping On Babies


Rabbits are prey animals. So, they are always active and alert. In nature, they flee away when seeing any predator or suspected materials like traps.

So, the mamma bunny becomes anxious by the presence of a cat or dog. Naturally, she wants to save her babies. This is a very common reason for stepping on baby bunnies.

First-Time Mamma

First-time rabbit mothers are more serious. Also, it depends on the breed of the bunny. If your bunny is a first-time mother, then stepping on the kids is not uncommon. She doesn’t intentionally do it.

The presence of another male rabbit in the case

Rabbets are energetic. The male bunny always wants to mate with the female one. If you keep the dad and mom bunny in the same case, then it is very normal to step on the baby bunny.

Tiny space

The habitat of the bunny is crucial. Bunny needs enough space to move. If you don’t allow free roaming of your bunny, you should provide a large case for easy movement.

Keeping the momma rabbit and the babies in a tiny space is not recommended.

New litter or Bedding

If you try a completely new litter or bedding, your momma bunny may not accept it. If she doesn’t like it, she will walk to and fro. Simply, she will be stepping on her babies unintentionally.

Tips to Prevent Stepping on Babies

The process is so simple to avoid this kind of situation. You have to keep the baby bunnies and the mother bunny in the same case. Because they are still young and breastfeeding.

Nesting Box

Probably you are using a nesting box. If not, prepare a nesting box immediately. It is so easy. If you don’t want to make a DIY one, you could purchase one.

Then keep the baby bunnies in the nesting box. Please place some warm and soft cloth on the nesting box. then place the nesting box in one corner of the case. Don’t keep the nesting box in the middle of the case. I hope, your problem will be solved.

Use a Large Rabbit Cage or Wooden Hutch

You know rabbits need spacious space for their habitat. Yes, they can survive in a tiny space. But you shouldn’t do it.

So, you can buy a Wooden rabbit hutch or make a DIY rabbit hutch for your bunny.

Place the Hutch or Cage in a Secure Place

You know rabbits are prey animals. The momma bunny can not understand that she is in a safe place. when she watches a predator, she will be nervous.

So you should place the rabbit hutch in a secure and safe place.

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are prey animals. If you keep this word in your mind, you can always handle this kind of situation. I believe you can solve stepping on the baby bunnies by applying the tips.

If you think the problem is way more complex, don’t hesitate to appoint a vet who is an expert in rabbits.

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