How to Find Lost Bunny?

Missing a bunny story isn’t unfamiliar to the community. There are mainly two reasons for listing bunnies.

Rabbits are herbivores and love to explore their surroundings. So, they want to go outside to explore the surroundings.

Another reason is rabbit genetics. Rabbits are fertile and they produce a lot of offspring every year. If you have a single bunny whether it is male or female, he or she wants to go outside for mating.

Moreover, most of us can not provide ample space for free living.

So, the freedom is a fact here.

However, nothing could be so disappointing as Missing a bunny from home. Despite having all the safety measures, you may not find your rabbit in the cage or adjacent to your house.

Anyway, In this article, I’ll give you some useful and practical tips to find out your bunny from both indoor and outdoor environments.  

Also, I’ll recommend some quality playpen for your bunny in the latter part of this article. keeping the bunny in the playpen reduces the tendency to escape.  Stay tuned!

Found a lost rabbit

Will My Lost Rabbit Return?

Well, first thing first. Don’t be frustrated whatever the condition is. In most cases, it is possible to find the lost bunny. But It depends on some facts, you know. 

Usually, missing a bunny is disappointing. Moreover, the scenario becomes worse when the lost rabbit is the mother of a few young kids.

How To Find A Lost Bunny In Your House?

Here, I have made a list of how to find a lost bunny in your house. This is not just a list. It is the combination of my real-life experience and tips from the victims who have faced similar problems.

Well, a missing pet bunny occurs in two ways. One is missing from inside the home, and another is missing from outside the home. Don’t worry. I have covered them both.

How to catch a bunny in your house?

If you are sure that your bunny has been lost inside the house, then follow the tips.

  • You have to ensure that all the windows and doors of your house are closed. It prevents your bunny from escaping from home.
  • Next, ensure the access of your bunny to their sleeping places like a cage. If you are lucky enough, you may find your rabbit in the cage while searching.
  • Carefully search every nook and corner of your house. Even Don’t exclude the bunny restriction area of your homes like the bedroom or others. You may be wondering, but sometimes your bunny can pass the obstacle of the baby gate.
  • Another useful trick is placing some food in their regular feeding place. In most cases, it works. But if you lost a newly adopted bunny, you may use a basket to catch her while eating.

I Hope, by applying these simple tricks, you can find out your lost bunny. Moreover, if you don’t find her, your rabbit may not stay inside the house. Better, you should go outside to search for her.

how to find lost rabbit

How To Find Your Lost Rabbit Outdoors?

If you are sure that your bunny is lost from outside, please apply these tricks.

Search The Adjacent Area

Thoroughly search the area where you have seen your bunny last. It may be your yard, garage, or adjacent to your house. Bunny loves to hide. Also, they disappear when they become frightened.

Don’t miss any possible area of hiding like the bushes, car other places. Gradually spread the area of your search.

Open The Hutch/Cage

In the meantime, don’t miss opening the cage or hutch to ensure access to your bunny. If the bunny returns, she will enter the cage or hutch.

Poster Publishing

If you don’t find your bunny in your surroundings, then let publicity the news of your bunny’s loss. Just print the poster or flyer with the picture of your rabbit and contact details and place them the public places like notice boards, shops, and other areas.

Usually, a lost bunny can’t pass beyond 1 kilometer. So, you have to ensure that people are informed about the news around 1 km from your surroundings.

Post On Social Media

It is an effective way to post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit timeline in detail. Besides, you can share the news with local Facebook groups or pages. 

Inform Local vets, rescue, and shelters 

Don’t forget to inform the local vets or authorities of the rescue and shelters. You should provide them with the details of your bunny. If someone finds your bunny, most probably, they will contact any of them.

So, check back in these places in a few days if you don’t find your bunny.

Advertisement in the local newspaper

It is another effective way to inform the people around you. Contact the newspaper authority and publish an advertisement with a picture and contact details.

Think positively

Whatever the situation think positively. Surely, you will find your lost bunny sooner or later by following these tips. Just stay focused positively.

And also, be prepared for the situation of taking back your bunny.

Can bunnies find their way home?  

​In short, the answer is yes. People used outdoor hutches for centuries to raise rabbits though it was not for pet purposes.

Anyway, the bunny can identify its odor. They are intelligent enough also. So, if they are intimated with you and your home, obviously they can find their way of dwelling.

Found a lost rabbit

What is the Best Way to Prevent Escaping?

Probably, you have taken all the security measures to prevent escaping the rabbits. Moreover, your bunny escaped.

The best probable way of preventing rabbits is to engage them in entertainment. You should provide a lot of toys for your bunny. Otherwise, your bunny will feel lonely.

Another point is exercise. Bunny needs at least 4 hours of exercise daily. For the exercise, you need a secured ample space. I have a recommendation here. You could consider my recommended playpen for your bunny. I hope you will not be disappointed.

Found a lost rabbit? What should I do?

Capture the rabbit

You may find a rabbit in your backyard or a park. The first order of the business is capturing the bunny right-way. Then keep it in a safe place.

Just imagine the situation of the lost bunny owner. So, do it carefully.

Assess the health condition 

After finding the bunny, you should assess the overall health condition of the bunny. Determine whether it is ill or healthy.

If you look, the bunny is upset, don’t make it more upset by counter behavior.

Notify the pet rescue team

Then immediately notify the pet rescue team. You should do it because of the safety of the lost or missing bunny.

Another important reason is the bunny owner probably comes to the pet rescue house to notify them. It makes the process of finding the lost bunny easy.

Wild or pet?

Identify whether the bunny is a pet or a wild one. You can quickly identify with a close look.

Look at her approach. If the bunny doesn’t become afraid of seeing you, it is a sign of a domestic one.

Another fact is the weight of the rabbit. The wild bunny is lighter than the domestic rabbit. Generally, the weight of an adult wild bunny is not more than 4 pounds.

However, if you can’t determine whether the bunny is wild or domestic, you may seek help from someone expert.

Find the nest for wild

If you confirm that the bunny is a wild one, then don’t delay to search for its nest. Especially if it is a baby bunny. Generally, the rabbit den is located at the shallow depression on the ground, flower vases or boxes, woodpiles, grass piles, etc.

If you find the nest of the bunny, then leave the bunny near its nest. She can easily explore her house.

Final Thoughts

It is the best way to entertain your bunny so that she/he becomes relaxed and happy with you. So, you could attach a rabbit playpen with the cage. 

Anyway, I hope you will surely find your lost bunny by applying my tricks. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me in the comment box. Please share this resource with your friends. Thanks for reading. 


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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