How To Tell If Mother Rabbit Is Feeding Babies?

Rabbits are prey animals. They don’t want to grab the attention of anybody while feeding their baby. As a rabbit parent, we become anxious about whether the momma rabbit feeds its babies or not.

If the babies are warm and their belly is fill round, that means the momma bunny feed her babies. The momma bunny feeds her babies only twice a day and only for 5 minutes.

However, after reading the whole article you will learn the practical process of identifying whether the baby rabbits are fed or not. Let’s explore the secrets.

How to Tell If Mother Rabbit Is Feeding Babies?

You already know that you can check it in two different ways. Actually, this method is accurate for the domestic bunny. and you can implement this process for the wild bunny also. So, the methods are:

  • Check the Belly
  • Body temperature

Check the Belly

The experienced rabbit parents can easily identify whether the belly is filled with milk or gas. Their eyes open after 10 days. So, they are very sensitive at this time.

If you see the skin of the baby bunnies is not wrinkled that means the momma bunny feeds her babies. You can touch the belly to confirm.

But at the very beginning, you should not touch the baby bunny. in most cases, the momma bunny will not feed the baby bunny is touched by others. They are very sensitive indeed.

Body Temperature

You can touch the baby bunny when they are more than 15 days old. After two weeks, their open will be open. A warm body is the indication of a healthy bunny. Please don’t nurse the baby bunny excessively during the nesting period.

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How To Tell If Wild Mother Rabbit Is Feeding Babies?

If you find the body of the wild baby bunny is warm and the skin of the belly is not wrinkled, that means the wild mother rabbit is feeding her babies.

So, the process is the same as the domestic and wild bunny for identifying. If you find the wild baby bunnies are warm and healthy, keep them in the nest. Their mother is taking care of them. So, you don’t need to nurse them.

How To Tell If Wild Mother Rabbit Is Feeding Babies

How to Make a Mother Rabbit Feed Her Babies?  

Mother rabbits usually feed two times a day to her babies. You know rabbits are prey animals. She never feeds her babies in front of you or other people. Momma rabbit feeds her babies in the very early morning and evening.

So, at first, check whether the mom bunny feeds her babies or not. If you are sure that the momma bunny doesn’t feed her babies, then you could take action.

First, check the condition of the baby bunny? Are they still alive? If yes, keep them in the nesting box. Now, grab the momma bunny and hand-feeding the baby bunny from her nipple.

How Long Can Baby Rabbits Survive Without Being Fed?

The baby rabbits can survive for 3-4 days maximum without being fed. Usually, the momma bunny feeds her babies twice a day. After 3-4 days, the baby bunny will die.

In nature, most of the baby bunny can not survive. You know rabbits are prey animals. In most cases, the momma bunny is killed by other animals. Even the wild bunny can not survive more than a year in the wild. Although their life span is 5-10 years.

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What Time Do Rabbits Feed Their Babies?

In the wild, the momma bunny feeds her babies after dusk and before dawn. If she feeds once a day, she feeds her baby before 5 am.

Rabbit milk is very nutritious. The baby bunny can remain warm and healthy for 24-hours. Even they can survive for 3 to 4 days after drinking their mom’s milk.

I hope, you have understood the whole process regarding feeding the milk of the baby bunny. Feel free to share this article with other lovers. Thanks for reading. 


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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