How to Litter Train Rabbit? (In 4 Steps)

Only the rabbit’s parents know the pain of cleaning the rabbit’s poops and pees. Moreover, the rabbit eats so frequently. That is why you need to clean their poops and pees multiple times a day. 

You need a comfortable litter box and rabbit-safe litter to start the training. Start the litter training just after adopting a bunny. Young or baby bunnies respond comparatively quicker than adult bunnies.  

Fortunately, the rabbit tends to pee and poop in a particular space for area marking. You can litter train your bunny by using their genetic behavior. It doesn’t matter whether you keep your bunny in the outdoor hutch or indoor cage.

Before sharing the practical steps on how to litter train your rabbit, let me clear some common questions about bunny litter training.

litter train your bunny

Is It Mandatory to Litter Train Your Rabbit?

In short, it depends on the situation.

Naturally, rabbits are clean creatures. Generally, they use the corner of their hutch or cage for pooping and peeing while staying in there.

You can’t keep your rabbit in their habitat all day and night. If you do not litter train your pet bunnies, they will urinate and poop all around the home. 

So, to keep your house clean and free from bad odor, it is necessary to litter train your house rabbit.

Another fact is safety.

Getting used to the litter box, your bunnies will remain safe from unexpected infectious diseases.

Also, without litter training, a rabbit may be at risk of a wet tail (urine scald) and turning the furs into yellowish.

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Can all bunnies be trained to use a litter box?

Almost every rabbit breed can adopt a litter box. Some may take more time, or some may take less.

Usually, it is very challenging to cope with the litter box for a younger bunny. Furthermore, the rabbit below the breeding age shows less feedback to the litter training.

Contrariwise, it is easy to train the bunny, which reaches the breeding age. They become more territorial compared to the younger ones. They mark their territory by spraying commonly.

It Is recommended to spay or neuter your adult bunny before starting the litter training.

How to Litter Train Your Rabbit?

Well, now you have a basic idea of litter training. So, let’s know the facts about how to litter train a rabbit in a hutch or cage.  

What Type of Hutch or Cage is Best for Litter Training?

First, consider the size of your rabbit hutch or cage. A Comfortable and large cage or hutch is recommended. 

A tiny hutch with little space is an obstacle to coping with the litter training for your bunnies at the beginning.

Choose a large bunny hutch

Choosing the perfect-sized hutch is essential. It matters. 

When the rabbit stays in a comfortable and spacious hutch or cage, it usually, remains quiet. 

So, for litter training, You could consider a spacious habitat for your beloved bunny. 

Hutch with removable tray

Choose a hutch with a removable tray while buying it from the market. Indeed, it is not for the comfort purpose of your rabbits. It is for you. It helps you to maintain your bunnies with minimum hassle.

Door accessible hutch

Select a hutch that has an opening door on the front side. It would help if you avoided the hutch, which is only accessible from the top.

Because without the front door, your rabbit can’t enter the rabbit hutch. Especially when you are not at home, and your bunny is out of the hutch.

So, ultimately, when your bunny gets used to the litter box, she will feel uncomfortable. And will certainly make your house messy.  

However, if you already have something like that, you can use a ladder.

The benefit of the large hutch with a door

A large hutch with a door means your bunny is confined in a particular area. That’s why she can’t explore outside despite her wish.

So, when the rabbit stays in a confined place for a certain period, your whole training process will be much easier. Additionally, you can observe the behavior of your bunny.

retrain rabbit to use litter box

Things Should be considered before selecting a litter Box/tray

Well, let’s come to the litter box. You need the perfect equipment indeed before starting to train your bunny.

The litter box itself is one of the most crucial points for your bunny. The size of the litter tray should be at least medium-sized. The average size of a litter box should be at least 15” by 10”.

A litter box less than the standard size is not allowed anymore. Moreover, the size of the litter tray may vary from species to species.

So, pick an ideal-sized litter box for your pet bunny.

Considerable points for Litter

Perhaps, we are now the most crucial section of this article. After selecting the perfect litter tray or box for litter training, your current task is to find a safe and suitable litter for your rabbit.

Keep these points before selecting the Litter in your mind.

  • Litter should be edible. Undoubtedly, your bunny will chew the Litter.
  • Litter should have high absorbance.
  • Litter must be toxin-free.
  • It should be biodegradable.
  • It should be comfortable enough because Bunny will spend a great deal of time here.
  • Avoid buying or using cat, dog, or other Litter. Only use the Litter produced for the rabbit.
  • Paper, citrus, and alfalfa hay are recommended for rabbit litter.
  • Avoid clumping litter. It may cause fatal destruction of the digestive system of the bunny.
  • Avoid pine or cider shaving also. These types of bedding are not suitable for rabbit health.

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How to litter train your bunny in a hutch or cage?

Hopefully, you have an evident basic concept about the prerequisite to the litter training. Now, do it practically. For your convenience, I have presented all the tricks step by step.

how to litter train a rabbit in a hutch

1. Select a suitable location

First thing first. Select a perfect location at your house to set up the rabbit hutch. Maybe it is one of the corners of your home. Or the side or premises of your house.

Just ensure that your bunny will remain safe from predators while selecting the location. That’s it.

2. Fit the litter box properly

If you already have a bunny or other pets, you know, there is nothing perfect for a pet. Similarly, this rule is applicable for setting up a rabbit litter box correctly.

Try to place the litter box at the corner of the hutch. Another option is, to observe your bunny for a few days. Then you can understand which corner of the hutch your bunny loves more. By following these simple tricks, you can surely reduce your tiresome efforts.

It would be better practice to add some hay to the litter box. Or place a hay rack on the just upper side of the rabbit box. It helps a lot in the case of Litter practicing.

3. Add your bunny

Now you are all set to add your bunny for litter training. In the beginning, you should spend time as much as possible. Carefully observe your rabbit. Remove the poops and urine as soon as possible from the floor after dropping.

Use the mixture of vinegar and water to clean the floor. It helps you to remove the sharp smell of the urine.

It is a common thing that your bunny will want to explore thoroughly all over the house. You can use the baby gate/puppy gate to confine your rabbit in a tiny area.

4. Expand the area gradually

Finally, when your rabbits get used to the litter box gradually, expand the area slowly. In the beginning, you should place your bunny on the litter box. But after a particular time, she will do the same things individually.

It would be best if you offered a treat after every single successful use of Litter. Special treats mean providing extra yummy vegetables, rabbit pellets, or Caress.

Place the poops of the bunny on the Litter. Also, place the tissue after wiping of the urine on the Litter. It helps your bunny a lot to identify her pooping place literally.

How do I stop my bunny from digging?

It is a widespread and natural phenomenon that your bunny will try to dig a hole in the hutch or cage.

To prevent digging, you should follow the following points.

  • You must ensure that your rabbit is busy with a lot of things. Provide them with a lot of enrichment.
  • Make sure that your rabbit doesn’t feel lonely. So, adopt at least two bunnies at a time.
  • Use metal shit on the bottom of the indoor hutch. You can attach the shit with a drill also.
  • However, you can also provide a digging box or toys to your rabbit. Just make sure that the digging box isn’t harmful.

Final Thoughts

I believe, now, you have understood each and everything about how to litter train a rabbit in a hutch. It is not a hard job. 

It would help if you had a lot of patience to litter train your rabbit. But after doing it successfully, you can spend quality time with your bunnies without excess hassle. 

Last but not least, I have tried to cover almost everything on litter training. But in practice, if you face any peculiar problem, don’t hesitate to take action according to the situation.


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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