How To Build Rabbit Nesting Box? (5 Steps)

Providing rabbits with an enclosed nesting space is essential for the well-being of mother rabbits and their kits. Nesting boxes allow does to satisfy their instinct to build a warm, secure nest out of straw and fur.

Building your basic nesting box is an easy project for any rabbit owner. The box should be just large enough for the doe to kindle and nurse in comfort. Wooden boxes lined with straw or hay allow the doe to burrow and arrange bedding to her liking. Simple boxes can be constructed from untreated pine or plywood.

Cut an entrance hole on one side and include a removable top for easy access. Elevate the floor with a wood frame to keep kits draft-free. For added comfort, attach a front lip for the doe to lean against. With basic carpentry skills and proper dimensions, you can build a functional nest box your rabbits will readily accept.

How To Build A Rabbit Nesting Box

Things to know before building a nesting box

Rabbit Nesting Box Dimensions

When you are making a DIY rabbit nesting box, the dimension of the nesting box is not a matter here. The most important fact is the size of the rabbit cage or hutch.

Many people buy premium rabbit nesting boxes and can not put them into the cage due to the oversize. This is a common occurrence among beginner rabbit parents. So, at first measure the size of the cage opening and the inner space.

Another point is the material of the nesting box. most of us prefer DIY wooden nesting boxes. They are easy to handle and make. Now, come to the size of the nesting box.

How big should a nesting box be for a rabbit?

The standard dimension of the nesting box for the larger breeds with 10 kits is 10″H x 12″ W x 25″ L. If your bunny is medium or small in size, you could consider the size. 1/2-inch plywood is a good option for rabbit nesting.

Wooden vs. Wire Nest Boxes

There are different types of nesting boxes available, you know. Among them, the wooden nest box is the most popular. Some people also use a wire nest box. Anyway, here is the major difference between wire and wooden nest boxes.

Wooden nest box

Wooden nest boxes are a bit heavy. You need a medium to large size cage or hutch to place the wooden nest box. The manufacturing process is not very hard. But you need specialized tools and knowledge in a woodworking project. some people keep the bottom of the wooden nesting box empty. Some people use wire mesh and some people also use a plank on the bottom. The wooden nest box is comfortable and the edges are very smooth.

Moreover, the wooden nest box is sturdy and lasts long. Apart from the DIY wooden nest box, you will get medium to large size wooden nest boxes in the market. They come with premium quality and you can even use them for outdoor purposes.

Wire Nesting box

The wire nesting box is very lightweight. They are too easy to build. You just need a piece of ready-made wire. Then shape the wire like a nesting box. you can easily place the nesting box inside the hutch or cage. Also, it is easy to clean.

However, the main problem with wire mesh nesting boxes is their sharp edges. There is a chance of injury with the edges. That is why I don’t recommend using the wire nesting box.

How To Build A Rabbit Nesting Box?

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a rabbit nesting box from scratch. You need a single 8 feet 1/10 plank. I hope you can easily build your nesting box by following this exact process.

Step 1: cut the plank into pieces

At first, you need to cut the plank into pieces. first cut a 6-inch piece for the front of the next box. Then cut a 7-inch piece for the top of the nesting box.

For the back panel, you will need a 9.5-inch piece. And finally, you will need two 18-inch pieces for the side panels.

If you want to cover the bottom of the nesting box, you will need 16.5 inches for this size.

Some people keep the bottom empty and some people use wire mesh while preparing the nesting box. But I think using wood on the bottom is a good choice. It will keep the nesting box warm and cozy.

How To Build A wooden Rabbit Nest Box

Step 2: Reshape the side panels

You need to reshape the side panels to make the entryway comfortable for the bunny. on the front of the side, pieces mark a point with a pencil from 6-inches from the bottom. Again measure along the top from the back toward the front 8 inches and mark there.

Now, connect the two points and cut off the corner of the plank. Repeat this exact process for other side panels to make the entry process smoother.

Step 3: Join the pieces together

You have almost done your job. Now it’s time to join the pieces of wood. You could use a nail gun to make the process easier.

connect the Nest Box

Step 4: Sand down the sharp edges

Now, you have done the job. for more safety, you could sand down the sharp edges. It will make the nesting box premium looking.

Step-5: Attach metal hooks

This is an optional process. But if you want to put this nesting box inside the rabbit hutch or cage, you could attach two metal hooks. It will make the nesting box stable.

Can I Use a Cardboard Box for a Rabbit Nest Box?

Yes, you could use a cardboard box for your rabbit nesting box. But the cardboard box should be sturdy enough.

There are some downsides to the cardboard box. The cardboard box will soak the urine quickly despite using straw or hay. You could use pine shavings or premium rabbit bedding on the cardboard then place some hay or straw. It will keep the cardboard box trying for an extended period.

Apart from the soaking problem, the bunny has a chewing habit. They will destroy the box soon. So, be prepared when using a cardboard box.

How to Make A Rabbit Nesting Box Out Of Cardboard?

Cardboard is one of the most common ingredients in the household. You can easily use a cardboard box for a rabbit nesting box.

First, make sure that every part of the box is connected well. The box should be in good condition without any holes.

You could make a circular hole on the side of the cardboard box and close the top parts. Mom Bunny will not stay all day long in the cardboard box. She will enter when it is time to feed her baby.

You could place some bedding and hay inside the box. Bedding and hay will make the inner part comfortable for the baby bunny.

Final Thoughts

Having a bunny is fun. The baby bunnies look so cute. You will not turn your eyes back. I love them so much indeed. A nesting box helps you to monitor your mom bunny and the baby bunny closely. So, you could offer a quality DIY bunny nesting box inside the cage or hutch.

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