Best Heated Water Bottle for Rabbit (Safe & No Leak)

Whether you keep your rabbits in the cage or hutch, you must ensure a continuous freshwater supply to them. Rabbit needs at least 25 to 75 ml of water per pound body weight daily.

But during the winter when the temperature is below zero, it is hard to ensure a continuous water supply. To solve the freezing problem, you could use a heated water bottle for your bunny.

Sad but true, there are not a lot of heated water bottles available for the bunny in the market. After doing extensive research I have selected the 2 best-heated water bottles. you know safety is the first point in the case of an electric water bottle.

Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 is the recommended heated water bottle for rabbits. This is a thermostatic control heated water bottle. So, your bunny will get always warm water even during the freezing temperature.

These bottles are completely safe and chew proof. So, let’s get started.

Best heated water bottle for rabbit

Heated Water Bottle For Rabbit Review

Our Top Pick
Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits

Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits

  • 32 Ounce capacity
  • 20-watt electric heater bottle
  • Brass drinking valve

Undoubtedly, this Farm Innovators Model HRB-20 is the perfect heated water bottle for rabbits in the market. It comes with all the possible safety features to use in the outdoor rabbit hutch or cage. Moreover, it is inexpensive.

Efficient and inexpensive

This one is a 32-ounce bottle and will consume 20-watt electricity. Since it is a thermostatic control water bottle, it will only work when it is necessary.

So, this water heater will not consume significant electricity. Moreover, your bunny will get a continuous supply of warm and comfortable water.

Safe for bunny and human

This heated water bottle comes with an insulated chew-proof cord. Most interestedly, you can hang this heated bottle on the outer part of the wire mesh.

I love the design and mechanism of this heated water bottle. This bottle has no contact with the rabbit. So there is no chance of shock or accident with this bottle.

Easy fill up and cleaning

The mouth opening of this bottle is pretty large to fill like the regular water bottle. It is a transparent water bottle. So, you can see the inner part of this bottle easily.

That means you can observe the water quality as well as the condition of the bottle.

When you need to clean the bottle, just open the mouth opening and clean it with regular cleaner. The process is pretty simple indeed.


  • A lifesaver for outdoor rabbit
  • Quiet safe for bunny
  • Long-lasting bras drinking valve
  • Thermostatic control
  • Low electricity bill
  • Prevent water from freezing even under the zero temperature


The heater is not so durable to use for several years. Good for one or two years.

Our Top Pick
Allied Precision Ind HRB32 32-Ounce Heated Rabbit Bottle

Allied Precision Ind HRB32 32-Ounce Heated Rabbit Bottle

  • 32-ounce heated bottle
  • Thermostatically controlled

Allied Precision Ind HRB32 is another good-quality heated water bottle for the rabbit. Like the Farm Innovators, this one is also thermostatically controlled. So, if you want to experience a new brand you could consider this one.

Chew proof and safe

Allied Precision Ind HRB32 comes with chew proof. Since the cord comes with an extra layer, your bunny can not chew it.

Although it is an electric water bottle, it is completely safe for the bunny and user.

Thermostatic Control

This is a cost-efficient heated water bottle. The thermostat allows running the heater only when it is necessary.

Perfect for Outdoor hutch and cage

It is very easy to mount with the cage. The bottle will stay outside of the cage. So, there is no chance of chewing here.


  • Safe water bottle for the winter
  • Low energy cost
  • Brass drinking valve


  • Not a leak-proof one
  • Water will freeze at zero temperature

If you are looking for a regular leak-proof water bottle you could check this article. I have listed the top-notch leak-proof water bottle here.

What Should You Consider While Buying a Heated Water Bottle for a Rabbit?

Regular water bottles and heated water bottles are not the same at all. Since a heated water bottle needs electricity to run, you must be careful while using it. So, let’s have a look at the key point to consider while buying a heated water bottle.

Chew proof

First thing first. Your heated water bottle must be chew proof. especially the cord of the bottle. If the cord has not come with an extra layer of feature, it will be a real danger for your bunny. So, don’t forget to check that the water bottle comes with a chew-proof layer.


Since the bottle will connect to the electric line directly, you should buy the safest bottle on the market. I think there is no need to describe the consequences of a faulty heated water bottle.

Hanging feature

You should not hang the bottle inside the cage or hutch. You should buy a bottle that allows you to hang it on the outer surface of the cage or hutch.


The thermostat is a cool mechanism for the heater water bottle indeed. it automatically controls the temperature of the water. If the temperature of the water gets low, it will automatically start to heat the water to a comfortable level.

You know overheated water will burn the mouth of the bunny.

Leakproof valve

The valve is one of the most important parts of the water bottle. if the water bottle comes with a low-quality valve, the cage will be flooded. So, double-check the bottle whether it is leak-proof or not.

Final Thoughts

Water is essential for every animal. The rabbit should have free access to water. During the severe cold months, a heated water bottle is a good option for your bunny.

The performance of the heated water bottle is really good. So, you can try. I believe you will not be disappointed with the quality of my top picks.


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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