English Lop 101 (Diet, Care, Facts, Behaviour with Pictures)

With their trademark giant floppy ears, English Lops are one of the most distinctive rabbit breeds. These gentle giants make for affectionate, docile pets despite their imposing size. Beyond their cute appearance, what are English Lops like to live with?

In this article, we will provide an in-depth beginner’s guide to the English Lop breed – from their personality and care needs to whether they make good pets. You will learn all about their origins, size, colors, lifespan, health concerns, diet, housing requirements, and more. Everything a potential owner needs to know before bringing one of these fabulous floppy-eared bunnies home.

English Lop Origin

English lop was first identified in the mid-1800s in England. Although many rabbit expert claims that the origin of the English Lop is in Africa. However, this breed was brought by the Traders in the early 1900s in the USA.

During the Victorian era, the rabbit show was very popular. Ultimately the demand for fancy rabbits was very high. You know, the English lop is the original lop breed.

English Lop has the longest ear among all the rabbit breeds. English lop is known as the “dog in the rabbit world”. Lol.

Rabbit breeders develop other fancy lop rabbits by using the English lop. Like, the French lop is the consequence of crossing the English lop and the Flemish giant.

English Lop rabbit

Scientific Facts

  • Common Name: English Lop
  • Scientific Name: Oryctolagus cuniculus
  • Weight (Male): 9-11 pounds
  • Weight (Female): 10-15 pounds
  • Ear: 17 inches (Minimum) to 32 inches Ear (World Record)
  • Life Span: 5-7 years
  • Size: Large
  • Body shape: Mandolin
  • Habitat: domestic and nature
  • Country of Origin: England

English Lop Rabbit Characteristics

Let’s discuss the basic characteristics of the English Lop Rabbit.

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English Lop Rabbit Lifespan

Like most of the rabbit breeds, the lifespan of English Lop is 5-7 years. It is for the pet rabbit. In the wild, rabbits can not survive year after year. Because rabbits are prey animals.

In most cases, the baby bunny can not survive due to environmental and physical problems. However, the pet English lop can survive more than 5 ears easily by providing the right care and diet.

English Lop Weight

The female English Lop is larger than the male English Lop! The growth of females is faster than that of males.

However, the Weight of the Male English lop is around 9 to 11 pounds. On the other hand, the weight of the female English lop is 10 to 15 pounds.

The overall growth of the English lop is faster than the Dwarf and medium-sized rabbits. A full-grown English lop is large. Moreover, their ear is tremendous!

English Lop Rabbit Size

The body shape of the English Lop is mandolin or semi-arch. You know the English lop is famous for its ear!

The least ear size of the English lop is 17 inches. Usually, the size is way larger than it. However, the maximum length of the ear is 32 inches. This is a world record!

english lop rabbit 101

Coat and Colors

The English lop comes with a short but soft and smooth coat. Since the coat is short, it is very easy to maintain. You need not clean the floor frequently.

The long ear is coated with soft fur. You know, the ear is the most attractive part of any rabbit breed.

There are different colors of English lop rabbit available in the world, some come with solid colors and some are broken. Anyway, here is a list of the most common colors of the English lop.

  • Black Torts
  • Chinchilla Gray
  • Red Eyed White
  • Fawn
  • Sooty fawn
  • Golden fawn
  • Agouti/Opal

Personality and Behavior

English lop is not only popular for its fluffy and long ears but also its awesome personality. English lop is great as a pet for kids and adults. They are very energetic and curious. Like all other rabbit breeds, they love to explore their surroundings.

Although they are active and energetic, they are not naughty pets. They are patient and don’t need exclusive care.

If you are looking for a gentle and fluffy pet for your kids, an English lop could be a good choice indeed. English Lop needs spacious space because they are large.


Like all other rabbit breeds, English Lop is very fertile. Since rabbits are prey animals, naturally they are very fertile. Even the female English lop can be pregnant on the same day of giving birth.

If you are going to adopt an English lop as a pet, you should neuter or spay the bunny. otherwise, your bunny will produce a lot of babies. Unfortunately, many of us are curious about adopting, but keeping a rabbit for 5-6 years is a hard commitment.

If you are a breeder, please don’t breed the English lop every alternative month. Frequent pregnancy is dangerous for the mamma bunny. Also, the baby bunny doesn’t get the full milking period.

English Lop Rabbit care guide for beginner

Care of English Lops

Like all other rabbit breeds, English Lop needs special care. You just need to give some time to feed your bunny, clean the enclosure, and keep them hygienic.



Hay is the main food for the English lop. You have to ensure unlimited hay for your bunny. different types of hay are available in the market. Among all the hay, I prefer the timothy hay. Also, you could try meadow hay or oat hay.

For the baby bunnies, you could provide the alfalfa hay. Timothy hay is also good for the baby bunny.


Different types of pellets are available in the market. but you shouldn’t provide all types of pellets to the English lop. You could try the market-leading brand for maximum safety.

However, the pellet is not the main food for the bunny. Please don’t provide pellets daily to your English lop bunny. you could provide a few grams of pellets once a full-grown rabbit.


English Lop rabbits love to eat vegetables like carrots, celery, spinach, and others. You can provide all the rabbit-safe vegetables to the English lop bunny.

Sugary vegetables like carrots are not an appropriate treat for the English lop. You could provide a few pieces of carrots once or twice a week to your English lop.


Yes, English lop loves to eat fruits. You can provide rabbit-safe fruits to your English Lop bunny. But please don’t provide sugary fruits a lot to the bunnies. It may result in obesity.


Like Hay, Water is mandatory for English lop rabbits. most of the English lop don’t want to drink water. But you should give the water regularly. after a few days, they will be accustomed to the water.

Bowl is not perfect for the English Lop of their long ear. You could attach leak leakproof water bottle for the English lop.

Dental Care

Rabbits have the fastest-growing teeth among all pets. English lop is not exceptional. If you provide hay 24/7, you don’t need to think about dental care. However, you could check their teeth regularly. If the teeth become so large and they penetrate the skin, don’t hesitate to consult a vet.

Usually, Hay is the perfect solution for dental care.

Beautiful English Lop Rabbit Care guide

Spaying or Neutering

For the pet bunny, Spaying or Neutering is very important. You know, rabbits have high productivity. There are a lot of abandoned bunnies available. They demand special care.

Considering their health and our limited capacity, you should spay or neuter your English bunny.

Please don’t breed the English lop or other bunny breeds excessively. This is harmful to the mamma bunny.


English lop comes with small fur. So, you don’t need to think about their fur.

You have to observe the nail of your English lop. You can use a nail clipper to cut the nail of the bunny. it is not very hard indeed.

Health Concern

Mites are the most common problem for the bunny. There is no relationship between the fur and mites. Mites are parasites. Usually, if you keep your bunny in a dirty and moist area, then mites will attack.

Apart from the mites, flue, blotting, and gastrointestinal problems are common for the bunny.

If you provide the correct diet to your English lop, your bunny will be healthy and happy. However, you could always keep connections with your nearest vet and experienced rabbit parents.


English lops are not a small breed. They need an open and spacious area. Like all other rabbits, the English lop rabbit sleeps at least 8 hours a day.

However, I don’t recommend the narrow and cheap wire cages for the bunny. You should avoid it. I always recommend free-roaming in a confined area. You could use a puppy gate to control your bunny.

If you don’t have enough space inside of your home, you could use a wooden rabbit hutch. A wooden rabbit hutch is sturdy enough to protect the bunny from the predator.

Recreational Items

Rabbits always exploring outside in the wild. It is impossible to offer such independence inside the home. That is why recreational items like toys are important for the bunny.

If you have a single bunny, then the recreational items are mandatory for them.

Comparable Breeds

I have also mentioned that the Mini Lop, Dutch Lop is the same as the English Lop. however, English Lop is the origin. Breeders develop these breeds by crossing the English lop with the rabbit breed. Here is the list of comparable breeds of English Lop.

  • American Fuzzy Lop
  • French lop
  • Mini Lop
  • Dutch Lop

FAQ On English Lop Rabbit

Are English Lops Good Pets?

Yes, English Lops are a good pet indeed. They are curious and energetic. But you can easily handle them. Moreover, they are small-coated rabbits. So, grooming and cleaning are easy here. and obviously, their over longed ears are incredible. Those are faveolus indeed.

How Much Do English Lops Cost?

In the USA the average price of the English Lop is $50 to $60. But I recommend you adopt an English bunny from your nearby rabbit shelter. There are lots of abandoned bunnies everywhere. They demand your care. Moreover, the breeders are greedy. When they get money, they breed more and more.

Do Lop-Eared Rabbits Like to Be Held?

Lop-eared rabbits are friendly. Yes, you can hold an English Lop bunny. But you must be patient. In the beginning, your English lop is not a fan of being held. After a certain period, you can hold him.

How Long Do English Lop Rabbits Live?

The average lifespan of the English Lop rabbit is 5 – 7 years. you must take care of your English Lop bunny to keep him healthy. Correct diet, Exercise, and the right habitat are the key here.

How Big Is an English Lop?

The average weight of the English Lop is 12 Pound. Female English lops are larger than male English lops. the weight of the female bunnies is 10 to 15 pounds. And the male is 9 pounds to 11 pounds.

How To Clean English Lop Ears?

English Lop has Over longed ears. These ears are the beauty. However, the bunny takes care of his ear himself. You don’t need to take extra care of his ears. Regular grooming is enough. Since mites are very common to the bunny, you should check the ears regularly. If you notice anything unnatural, don’t hesitate to consult with your vet.

Will An English Lop Eat Fruits And Vegetables?

Yes, English Lop rabbits eat fruits and vegetables. But you have to provide rabbit-safe fruits and vegetables to your English lop bunny. don’t give the sugary fruits or vegetables in a bulk amount.

Will English Lops Eat Their Poop?

Like all other rabbit breeds, English lop eats their poop. This is common for the bunny. Don’t worry. They eat the surface coat of their poops. It contains high fiber. This is natural. Moreover, it is a sign of a healthy bunny.

Can You Prevent English Lop from Eating His Poop?

Yes, you can prevent it by prompt cleaning of their droppings. But it is unrealistic. You know rabbit poops so frequently and it is almost impossible to clean his dropping immediately just after he poops. 

When Do English Lops Stop Growing?

English Lop stops growing when they are 4-6 months old. They are medium-sized rabbits. Most medium-sized rabbits stop growing when they are 4 to 6 months old. The dwarf rabbits stop growing earlier than the medium-sized rabbits.

Are English Lops Endangered?

No English Lops are not endangered breeds. You can keep them as a pet. There is no legal issue here. Moreover, if you want to raise the English lop as the meat rabbit, you can raise it. But English Lop is not perfect for meat. They are show rabbits.

Can You Keep Multiple English Lops Inside An Enclosure?

Yes, you can keep multiple English lops inside an enclosure. But there are some problems here. if you keep multiple male English lops in the cage and they are not neutered, they will start fighting. Same for the female English lops. It is better to keep one male and one female English lop in the cage. Please spay or neuter the bunnies if you are raising them as a pet.

Can English Lop Survive In The Outdoor Cage?

Yes, English lop can survive in the outdoor cage. But when the weather is too cold or too hot, you should keep, it inside of your home. In the excessive heat, your English lop may have died. The same thing can happen for the freezing temperature.

Are English Lops Bites Dangerous?

No, the bites of the English Lop are not dangerous. English Lops are generous. They usually will not bite you or your kids. if they feel insecure, they could bite you. You could rub antiseptic cream in the affected area as the primary treatment. If the wound is deep and seems dangerous you could consult a doctor.

Final Thoughts

With their endearingly oversized ears and laidback personality, it’s easy to see why English Lops make such delightful pets. While their care might require more effort and space than smaller breeds, they reward their owners with endless affection. For experienced rabbit owners looking for a devoted, gentle-natured companion, the charming English Lop is certainly a top choice worth considering.


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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