Can Rabbits Eat Corn?

Recently I’ve adopted two baby rabbits (approximately four months old). From the very first day, I surprisingly observed that they love to eat fresh corn. They not only eat the soft corn but also eat the husks, I mean the green outer part of the maize cob!

I know hay is the primary food for rabbits. But suddenly I thought should rabbits eat corn? There is a big argument here. Some people feed mature corn to their rabbits year after year without any problem.

But the truth is different. It is strongly prohibited to feed corn to rabbits. In this article, I will get deep down everything about rabbits and corn. So, let’s get started.  

Can Rabbits Eat Corn

Can Rabbits Eat Corn?

No, fresh, dried, or cooked corn is not safe for your bunny. It is sad to say because my bunny loves fresh and sweet corn very much. The hull of corn kernels includes complex polysaccharides. Usually, the rabbit can not digest complex polysaccharides. So, corn can be lethal to your bunny in extreme conditions (like overeating).

Cellulose and pectin are digestible for rabbits. Most of the plant cells contain cellulose and pectin.

But now the confusion is what about those who feed corn to their bunny for a long time. Even I found no problem with the fresh raw corn with my rabbit.

The practical answer is “the theoretical answer is not applicable for all conditions.”

Every case has an exception. Likewise, some rabbits can digest corn without facing the problem. Even they become healthier and gain weight in some particular cases.

But the exception is the exception. We should be in the safe zone for our adorable pets. That is why I stopped providing corn to them. I suggest you stop giving corn to your bunny. There are a lot of alternatives, vegetables, fruits to corn. Then why should you take the risk?

So, What Are The Scientific Reason To Avoid Corn kernels? 

Don’t provide corn kernels to your bunny. Corn Kernels are not digestible for rabbits. Hulls of corn kernels could create intestinal wounds and blockage of the rabbit. (polysaccharide is the main concern here for digestion).

Low-carb food items are perfect for rabbits. Corn contains a high amount of starch and sugar. Ultimately, it doesn’t meet the essential criteria for rabbit food.

On this day, all the corns are not grown organically. Moreover, most varieties are GMO products for more production.

In some particular cases, corn may have mycotoxin, including. So, it would be better to avoid it.

Is Corn Good for Bunnies?

Corn contains nutrients that are helpful for the bunny. Overall, corn is not good for rabbits because corn creates more problems than harm. That is why the rabbit vet doesn’t recommend corn for bunnies.

rabbit eats maize

Can Rabbits Eat Cooked or Canned Corn?

No, you should not provide cooked, canned, or processed corn or corn on the cob to your bunny. Rabbits are herbivores and they love fresh and raw foods. Rabbits can not digest the processed foods. Ultimately, you will face so many digestive problems after feeding processed food like corn or other things.

Can Rabbits Eat Corn on the Cobs?

No, you should not feed the fresh corn on the cobs to your rabbit. Usually, the rabbit does not like the cob of the maze. Maize cobs don’t include any significant nutrients. Moreover, it doesn’t have any taste.

If your bunny loves the corn on the cob, you could offer a small amount of dry corn on the cob to your bunny. Dry corn on the cob is safer than fresh corn on the cob.

Can Rabbits Eat Corn Husks?

Yes, rabbits can eat corn husks. Corn husks refer to the green leafy part that covers the maize cobs. Rabbit loves the corn husks very much. I provide fresh green leafy corn husks to my bunny.

The leafy parts contain a high amount of fiber. That is much needed for the bunny. If you want the natural chew toys for your bun, you could provide the corn husks as chew toys. It could be a great treat for your bunny.

Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn?

No popcorn is not safe for bunnies like corn. Popcorn is not digestible for the bunny. Moreover, popcorn includes other additives like salt, and masala that are not suitable for the rabbit at all.

Very sad to say, that many of us have the wrong idea about popcorn. Even you will see the live scenario in your surroundings. If you provide popcorn daily to your bunny, you may see obesity, and digestible problems in your rabbit.

Yes, popcorn could be a tasty snack for humans, but not for a bunny at all.

Can Rabbits Eat Corn husks

Can Rabbit Eat Corn Leaves?

Yes, the rabbit can eat the corn leaves. There is no danger with the corn leaves. Usually, the bunny doesn’t like mature corn leaves. They love to eat fresh and soft leaves. You can provide as much as they like to eat. Since it is a seasonal crop, you have no chance to provide the corn leaves all around the year.

Can Rabbit Eat Corn Stalks?

Yes, like the corn leaves rabbits can eat the stalks. Please make sure that the stalks and leaves are pesticide-free. Otherwise, there is a considerable chance of food poisoning to your bunny.

Will Rabbit Eat Corn Plants?

No, corn plants are not ideal for rabbits. The mature corn plants are hard and rabbits can not eat them. Although the soft corn plants are safe for the bunny.

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Corn?

No, the dried corn is not safe for the rabbit. The dried corn is indigestible to rabbits because the dried corn kernels are composed of a complex polysaccharide. So, like fresh corn, you should not provide fresh corn to your bunny.

Can Rabbits Eat Baby Corn?

Among all the corn types and the life stage of corn, baby corn is the safest option for the bunny, But for the safety aspect, you should not feed the baby corn to your bunny. Because corn contains a high amount of sugar and starch those are not good for the rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat Sweetcorn?

No, sweetcorn is not safe for rabbits because sweet corn contains a high amount of sugar and starch. Additionally, sweetcorn is a complex polysaccharide. That is why you should avoid sweetcorn for your bunny.

So, Corn is not a good option for the bunny. You could provide the hay and vet-recommended pellet to your bunny. If you are in search of rabbit-safe perfect food, you could consider my recommended products from this list.

Nutrition Facts Of Corn

Calories177 calories
Carbs41 grams
Protein5.4 grams
Fiber4.6 grams
Vitamin K0.7 mcg
Vitamin C10.2 mg
vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 4 mg
vitamin B9 (Folate)75.4mcg
Magnesium42.6 mg
Fat2.1 grams
Potassium348 mg
Source: nutritiondata

Final Thoughts

So the summary is you should not feed corn to your bunny. Someone may tell you that feeding a small amount of food occasionally is not a big issue. Yes, it is not a big issue if your bunny can digest properly like mine.

But why should you take the risk? You have plenty of alternatives to corn. You could accustom to your bunny to the natural and available vegetables.



Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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