Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus? (Complete Guide)

No doubt, hay is the most appropriate food for bunnies. But they cannot only depend on hay. Aside from hay, the rabbit should be fed different rabbit-safe vegetables, fruits, and pellet food.

But the confusion arises while it is selecting the safe vegetable. Asparagus is not the different one. Most of the new rabbit parents have become confused about whether I should give asparagus to my rabbit or not.

In short, the rabbit can eat asparagus since it contains low calcium. But asparagus contains a high amount of water. Moderation is the key to preventing diarrhea. Like all other rabbit-safe vegetables, you could give asparagus as a treat once or twice to your bunny.

Anyway, here I will walk you through everything about asparagus. So, let’s get started.

Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus

What Is Asparagus?

Asparagus is a green vegetable from the Asparagaceae family. There are more than 200 plants available in the Asparagaceae family. We are most familiar with the garden asparagus. The scientific name of garden asparagus is Asparagus Officinalis.

Spring is the season for asparagus. The crop is grown all over the world. China, Peru, the United States, and Germany are the leading countries. Since Asparagus is a perennial plant, its seasonality makes it expensive.

However, we eat asparagus in a different way like steaming, grilling, or roasting. But we should not feed the cooked version of asparagus to the bunny.

Types of Asparagus

There are different types of asparagus available in the world. Let’s have a look at the most common types.

Wild Asparagus

The name reveals its characters. Wild asparagus is available in the early spring of the year. It is a sign of spring. Although they are wild, it is delicious.

wild asparagus

Green asparagus

Green asparagus is the most common asparagus for us. You will see green asparagus in the supermarkets.

green or garden asparagus

Purple Asparagus

In the presence of high anthocyanin (an antioxidant), its color is purple. The taste of purple asparagus is different from purple asparagus. It contains a comparatively higher sugar content, so it is sweet. 

Purple asparagus

White asparagus

White asparagus is more expensive than green and purple asparagus. White asparagus is grown in a dark place and the production cost is higher than green and purple asparagus.

white asparagus

The Nutrient Facts of Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the nutritionally balanced vegetables. In a ½ cup of servings, asparagus contains the following nutritional elements.

vitamin C3.8 mg
Folate35 micrograms (mcg)
vitamin A507 international unit (IU)
Vitamin K27.9 mcg
Protein1.5 grams (g)
Fat0.1 g
Carbohydrates2.6 g
Fiber1.4 g
Potassium135 milligrams (mg)

Do rabbits like asparagus?

Some bunnies may like the asparagus and some will not like it. Usually, some rabbits avoid almost all types of vegetables except a few. Like if you allow a few rabbits in your vegetable garden, they will eat the peas, carrots, or beans. And will avoid vegetables like asparagus.

But why?

Because rabbits love vegetables that contain higher sugar. But sugar is not good for a rabbit’s health. So, it doesn’t matter whether your bunny loves asparagus or not. You could offer a few times, if she or he eats asparagus, it is Okay.

Otherwise, you could try other rabbit-safe vegetables.

Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus Safely?

Yes, a rabbit can eat asparagus safely. But don’t provide asparagus as the entire meal to your bunny. asparagus is low in calcium and fiber, which is why it is safe for the rabbit. but any rabbit-safe vegetables including asparagus are not the entire diet for the rabbit.

You could offer the fresh asparagus to your rabbit as a treat once or twice a week. It will bring variation in the food habit.

What Part of the Asparagus is Safe for Rabbits?

You could provide the following part of the asparagus to your rabbits.

Top of the asparagus

After a fine clean, you could provide the spear top of the asparagus to your rabbit.

Asparagus Stalk

An asparagus stalk is safe for rabbits. you could provide the full stalk after washing. But all of the bunnies may not like the stalk.


Rabbits don’t like the roots of asparagus. So, don’t provide the roots of asparagus to your bunny.

Alternatives to Asparagus

Sometimes your bunny may reject the asparagus. In this case, you could try the other alternative rabbit-safe vegetables. According to the House Rabbit Society, here is the list of rabbit-safe vegetables.

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli (leaves and stems)
  • Edible flowers (roses, nasturtiums, pansies, hibiscus)
  • Celery
  • Bell peppers (any color)
  • Chinese pea pods (the flat kind without large peas)
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Cabbage (any type)
  • Broccolini
  • Summer squash
  • Zucchini squash


Do Rabbits Eat Asparagus in The Garden?

Yes, the rabbit can eat asparagus from the garden. But usually, rabbits don’t eat the asparagus if they get access to the other sugary vegetables like the carrot.

Do Wild Rabbits Eat Asparagus?

No, usually wild rabbits don’t eat asparagus. They eat fresh grass, vegetables, and fruits in the wild.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Asparagus?

No, the baby rabbit should not feed asparagus until they are 6 months old. You could feed alfalfa hay besides their mother milk.

Can Rabbits Eat Raw Asparagus?

Yes, raw rabbit is perfect for rabbits. cooked asparagus is not suitable for rabbits. even the cooked asparagus may cause disease to the bunny.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the rabbit can eat the asparagus but in a limited amount. Don’t treat the asparagus as the main food item for the bunny. you should feed the asparagus beside the regular food like hay, pellet, and water.

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