14 Best Rabbit Litter Box 2020 | Guide to Getting the Right one!

Are you looking for the best litter box for your house rabbit? Well, Finding the appropriate and perfect rabbit litter box is a confusing task for the new bunny parents and also for the experienced people sometimes.

Anyway, I find the M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer litter box is one of the best litter boxes for rabbits. It is stylish, lovely in appearance and appropriate for potty training. Also, It meets all the demands of a good rabbit litter box.

Here, I have picked the 14 best bunny litter box after doing in-depth research. These litter boxes are suitable for using rabbit litter for odor control. 

Without further ado, let's explore the litter boxes.

Best Litter Box for Rabbits- Comparison Table







M-Aimee Square (Overall Best)

3 colors

Plastic made

M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box


1 color

Wire made

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan


1 color

Plastic made

Mkono Rabbit Cage Litter Box Potty Trainer


4 colors

Wire made

Square Potty Trainer


Amakunft (Best Litter Box with Drawer)

3 colors

Plastic made

Amakunft Large Rabbit Litter Box


Ware Manufacturing Critter (Best litter training Kit)

1 color

plastic made

Ware Manufacturing Critter Litter Small Pet Training Kit

How to Select The Best bunny Litter Box? 

Actually, it is tough to consider a litter box perfect or useless at once. Because, you know, it depends on various factors like the environment, shape, and function of the litter box, even the bunny himself/herself! That's why I have discussed the considerable points for selecting the best litter box for the rabbit.

Certainly, you will find different kinds of litter tray in the market. The basic criteria of a good litter box are the same for any type or kind. Some litter boxes are specially designed for a special purpose (ex. litter training).
To get the right litter box for your bunny you could consider the following points while buying.


Actually, the rabbit litter boxes are not expensive. Moreover, all the top quality litter box comes with a more or less same price tag.
As the litter box is a much-needed item for an indoor bunny, you could buy the quality litter box or tray for your bun. It will not cost you a high amount of money indeed.

Size of the tray or litter box

Size is the most crucial factor. You shouldn’t choose a litter box that is too big or too small in size. Consider the size of your bunny first. Also, the size of the cage or hutch is important.
You will also find some giant litter boxes where two bunnies can do their business at a time. So, select the size according to your demand.


Depth is another important factor. If the depth of the litter box is very shallow, it will be filled quickly. That means you may have to clean the litter box twice or more a day. This will be really annoying.
So, look into a litter box with proper depth so that the bunny will not face any trouble. And simultaneously you needn’t clean the litter box multiple times a day.


The entry point must be considered while buying a litter box. Because of the entrance of the litter tray is so high, the bunny will jump to enter into the litter tray. As a result, there is a high chance to spread away from the shit on the floor by the touch of the bunny.
So, select a litter box or tray with a moderate and comfortable entry point.

rabbit litter box

Image: Pixabay

Floor Grid

A floor grid is important for both the rabbit and the rabbit parents. Because the floor grid helps to protect the bunny to get contact with the shit and poops. When your bunny remains dry and clean, she will not be ill and infected frequently.

On the other hand, a floor grid reduces the hassle of cleaning the whole litter box. You just need to remove the floor grid then remove the shit from the surface of the floor. It is a super easy process indeed.

But you should be careful about the manufacturing material of the floor grid. If the grid is made of stainless steel only, it is not idle for the rabbit to stay a long time. As the rabbits love to chewing grass while doing their business, they pass plenty of themes here. so, it would be better if you choose the plastic made the grid.

Attach or Lock system litter box

Attaching the rabbit litter box or tray with the rabbit cage is very important. We usually keep our rabbit in the cage most of the time in a day. So if the litter box is not attached well with the cage, your bunny will surely spread the wastage everywhere.
So while buying the litter box or tray you should be ensured the attaching features. if you don’t have the intention to use the litter box inside the cage or hutch, you may go for a litter box without attaching features.

With or without a hood?

Actually, most of the popular litter box does not come with a hood. Because a litter box without a hood is more convenient to handle and litter train a bunny.
However, the rabbit feels private in a litter box with a hood while excreting. But if the hood doesn’t contain enough space, it will be a boring experience for the bunny.
Even, your bunny could reject the litter box in some particular cases. So, you could use it for a trial basis. If you get a good result, then you may continue it.

The 14 Best Rabbit Litter Box 

M-Aimee Square​​​​ Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box

M-Aimee Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan for Small Animal/Rabbit/Guinea Pig/galesaur/Ferret

I think M-Aimee Square Potty is the overall best litter box for its quality. This nice looking litter box is perfect for potty training. Special features of this litter box are easy to clean and safe for the bunny.

It comes with a plastic made floor panel that keeps your bunny away from the shits. Also, it is made of strong and durable plastic with stain and odor resistance features.

The size of this litter pan is enough for small animals because it comes with a dimension of 11-inch long by 8.5-inch wide by 6-inch high by 3-inch depth. That’s why it is even comfortable for large and adult bunnies.

Moreover, it comes with an attached hook for the cage. And the attached hook keeps the litter pan secure with the cage.


  • Suitable for litter training.
  • Comfortable and safe for the bunny.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Attached cage hook.
  • No chance of messing with poops.
  • Different colors including pink, blue, white and random


  • Not too deep and need to clean every day.

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan- Colors May Vary

This one is my second choice and it is one of the best rabbit litter box in this list. If you adopt a new bunny and your bunny isn’t litter trained, you can consider this Ware Manufacturing’s Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan. This litter pan is designed for potty train kept in mind.

This litter pan is made of durable and quality plastic. Odor and stain-free plastic are other specialties of this pan. Also, you can attach this pan with any type of wire cages. Locking with the cage prevents the can from tipping over and throw the litter everywhere.

Moreover, this litter box includes wire flooring and plastic guards. That means the feet of your rabbit will be clean and hygienic. As the size of the pan is big enough for an adult rabbit, this pan will be a great choice for litter training your bunny as well as keep them healthy and clean.


  • Made from durable and quality plastic.
  • Odor and stain-free plastic.
  • Can be locked with any cages to prevent dirty spills.
  • Wire floors and plastic guards for keeping the rabbit’s feet clean.
  • Super easy to remove and easy to clean
  • Needs small space to place.


  • Spending a lot of time on the wire floor may cause a lesion on bunny’s foot

Mkono Rabbit Cage Litter Box Potty Trainer

Mkono Rabbit Cage Litter Box Potty Trainer for Adult Guinea Pig Ferret Small Animals, 11 Inches (Random Color)

Looking for a litter box with a removable grid box? If yes, you may consider Mkono rabbit litter box. Comfortable size and removable grid allow more benefits for both the bun and owner of the bun.

The plastic grid is safe for rabbits and made from quality and durable plastic. Cage hook is another great feature. That means you need not worry about the sliding problem of the litter tray in the cage.

As the litter box is large, it is suitable to use for the adult bunny. Apart from these features, this rabbit litter tray comes with a different color. So, you have the flexibility to pick your favorite from the store.


  • Suitable for big sized rabbits.
  • Removable grid.
  • It contains enough space to place a food bowl.
  • It contains attached cage hooks
  • Made from quality and durable plastic.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Nice looking shape.
  • It contains a high wall.


  • Only for the adult bun.

Pet Small Rat Toilet, Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box

Pet Small Rat Toilet, Square Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan for Small Animal/Rabbit/Guinea Pig/galesaur/Ferret

This is another plastic litter bedding box for the small animal like rabbits. it is a squire in shape and size is large enough for the adult bunny. The size of this litter bedding box is 10.2-inch-long, 5.7-inch-high, 8.7-inch-wide, and 2.4-inch depth.

Additionally, it comes with stainless steel made grid floor panels that help your bunny from messing with the toilets. As the grid is removable, it is very easy to clean the litter box.

Moreover, this litter box comes with attached cage hooks-that is a positive side of this litter box. You can hang this litter pan with the cage.

The surface of the floor plan is to stick and safe for the bunny. It doesn’t cause any harm in the bunny’s fit.


  • Bunny’s feet will remain clean and dry.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Large in size and comfortable for the bunny.
  • Removable grid.
  • Attached hook for the cage.
  • Stylish look.
  • Suitable for litter training.


  • steel grid may cause a lesion in the foot for long term use.

Amakunft Large Rabbit Litter Box with Drawer

Amakunft Large Rabbit Litter Box with Drawer, Corner Toilet Box with Grate Potty Trainer, Bigger Pet Pan for Adult Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Ferret, Galesaur, Small Animals

Amakunft Large Rabbit Litter Box with Drawer is a unique litter box on my list. Because all the litter box I have introduced till now, you will not find any drawer with any of the.

This jumbo-sized litter box (16 x 11.8 inch) comes with a stylish drawer to minimize the cleaning hassle. Besides the cleaning convenience, you can also put some bedding on the drawer.

Like all the premium litter boxes, you can also attach this litter box with a cage securely. As this litter box comes with a low entry point along with high back wall, you can provide this one both the adults and young bunny.


  • Includes stylish and effective drawer
  • Convenience to add bedding
  • Bigger in size
  • Durable and safe for bunny
  • Secure Lock feature for the cage.
  • Low entry point with a high wall.


  • A bit pricy

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan (Assorted Colors)

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan

Looking for a high corner litter box for your rabbits? well, you can consider the kaytee Hi corner. Like the previous one, Kaytee is suitable for litter training. Also, the size (10 inc long 13.75 inc wide 6.5 inc high) of this litter box is big enough to provide more space to do their business comfortably.

This one is very easy to clean and you don’t need facing any extra hassle to maintain this litter pan. Additionally, the surface which is made by wires is supported by a high wall. So, it reduces the chances of any accidental issue.

Though the size of this litter box is big enough, it is suitable for the small species also. So, if you have a big one like Lion head or a small one like a hamster, you can use this litter box.

The main drawback of this litter box is that it does not include any security lock.


  • Contains enough inner space for comfortable sitting
  • One of the largest high sides containing litter boxes in the market.
  • The high corner protects the privacy of bun and reduces the chances of scattering the sheets.
  • Comfortable for the bun.
  • It can be used for other small pets.


  • No Security lock

Ware Manufacturing Critter Litter Small Pet Training Kit with Handy Guide

Ware Manufacturing Critter Litter Small Pet Training Kit

Looking for a starter kit to litter train your rabbit? well, this Ware Manufacturing's Critter Litter Small Pet Training Kit comes with everything you need to litter train your rabbit.

It is made of durable and robust plastic and specially designed for odor and stain resistance. Also, it is hygienic for a bunny or other small animals like the guinea pig, ferret, and other small animals.

The measurement of this kit is 6.5"X 4.5"X 3" (Width x Depth x Height). Apart from the litter box, it comes with locking litter pan, litter scoop, litter sample along with step by step guide on litter training. So, you could consider this litter training kit for your bunny.  


  • Suitable for the potty train.
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and safe for the bunny.
  • Stylish appearance with nice color.
  • Includes Attached hook for the cage.
  • Includes guide book, litter scoop, and litter sample. 


  • Only for training purpose.

Kaytee Long John Litter Pan (Assorted Colors)

Kaytee Long John Litter Pan (Assorted Colors)

It is unlike the common and ordinary litter pan. This litter pan is 11.25″ long, 7” high and 9.5″ wide. So, you don’t need to think about the spilling of the urine outside the litter box.

It is also durable and made of plastic. And this litter box is suitable for litter training also. Additionally, this one is suitable for not only a rabbit but also for the guinea pig. The entry is low so that your bunny can easily enter into the litter box.


  • Made of quality plastic
  • Extremely high in the back.
  • Attached cage hooks.
  • Comfortable for the adult bunny.
  • Suitable for litter training.


  • No wire floor panel.
  • Too big for the small bunny

LitterMaid P-70000 Disposable Litter Box (3 Pack)

Disposable Litter Box

Looking for a disposable litter box? Well, you could use this litter box. This is unlike the other litter box. It is made in recycled paper. This one is durable and tearproof. You could use any type of litter with this litter box.

This one is perfect for the people who are looking for a convenient litter box. The dimension of this disposable litter box is 17 x 12.5 x 6 Inc.


  • Disposable
  • Convenient for all litter
  • Environment friendly
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Low entry point.


  • A bit Pricy

Petphabet Litter Box with Lid

Petphabet Covered Litter Box, Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box Holds Up to Two Small Cats Simultaneously,Extra Large

Though pethabet litter box with Lid is designed for the cat, this one is eligible for the adult bunny. It is large. The dimension of this litter box is 24.8″L x 20″W x 16.5″H. so, it is spacious for the bunny and two bunnies can do their business at a time with this litter box.

The plastic cover is nonstick anti-micro bacterial and durable also. This litter box can be used both inside and outside of the cage. The top cover is transparent looking and your bunny doesn’t feel ambush inside the litter box.

Also, you have the flexibility to use the privacy hood. You can keep out the top cover and use only the litter tray.


  • Removable top part.
  • Odor resistance.
  • Easy to clean
  • Enough space for two rabbits.


  • A bit Pricy

IRIS USA 586295 IRIS Small Animal Litter Pan

IRIS USA Small Animal Litter Pan, White FG-330 586295

IRIS Small Animal Litter Pan is stylish in appearance. This one is fit for the rabbit cage and adds some aesthetic value in outlook also.

The back of this litter pan is high and the entrance is low. So, it is easy to access. Additionally, the size of this litter pan is comfortable for the bunny. Dimension of this pan is 13.00″L x 11.42″W x 5.51″H.

The high back is enough to prevent scattering of the litter. also, it comes with a matching litter scoop. So, this one is simply perfect for all the species of rabbits.


  • Stylish outlook.
  • High back to prevent litter from scattering.
  • Low entrance.
  • Durable and comfortable.
  • It comes with matching litter scoop.


  • No grate for the floor.
  • No attachable hook.

Pet Small Rat Large Toilet

Pet Small Rat Large Toilet, Square Oversize Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan for Small Animal/Large Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Galesaur/Ferre (Color Random)

Are you looking for a gigantic litter pan for your beloved rabbit? If yes, you may consider this litter box. 
. The size of this litter tray is 17.3 x 13.4 x 7.1 inches. That means, the bunny will get enough space to do their business comfortably and you can also place some hay on the tray.

This litter tray is made with durable and safe plastic. As it includes a removable grid, you have enough flexibility in cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of your bunny.


  • Premium quality
  • Gigantic size
  • Durable and pet safe plastic made
  • Removable grid floor
  • Hook for attaching with cage
  • Suitable for litter training


  • Shallow  & need to clean every day

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Bigger Pan for Small Pets

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Lock-N-Litter Bigger Pan for Small Pets, Jumbo - Colors May Vary

Looking for a litter box for multiple rabbits? if yes, this litter tray is for you. This jumbo-sized (16.5 x 10.25 x 8 inch) litter box is very simple and effective for litter training as well as use for the normal litter box.

It is very easy to clean as the floor of the pan is sloppy. Also, this one is made with durable and odor resistant plastic. It includes a secure hook to attach the litter box with cages and the process of adding and removing is very easy.


  • Idle for bigger rabbits.
  • Design for multiple rabbits.
  • Secure to attach with the cage.
  • Sliding floor for easy cleaning
  • Low entry point with the high back wall.
  • Durable and odor-resistant plastic.


  • It doesn’t include wire bottom to keep out the waste and litter.

Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box

Mkono Potty Trainer Corner Litter Box for Hamster Guinea Pig Ferret Gerbil Chinchilla (Random Color)

This one is a stylish litter box and suitable for potty training. This litter box comes with a removable plastic grid that will help your rabbit to keep out from getting messy.

This litter box is made of the quality and nonstick plastic. That’s why it is easy to maintain. Though the size isn’t like the jumbo (9.5 x 6.5 x 4 inch), you can use this one for your young and medium-sized adults.

Additionally, this litter box features a secure hook to attach the litter box with a cage.


  • Premium quality
  • Durable and non-stick plastic made
  • Attached plastic grate
  • Suitable for potty training
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for the larger rabbit.

Types of Rabbit litter box

it is really important to have a good idea about different types of litter trays or boxes. Otherwise, there is a high chance of buying the wrong one.

You will find multiple types of litter boxes in the market. Besides the premium litter box, some of us also use the DIY or homemade litter box.

The choice depends ultimately on our rabbit. You can’t force her trying to use a specific one if it refuses to use litter box. But luckily, from the experience of the bunny owners, I can assure you that your bunny will choose at least one from the most used.

I have added a brief description of the most used types of litter boxes for rabbits here.

1. Basic litter box/pan

Pet Mate 42036 Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Pan

These are the most common litter box in the market. Also popular as well to the rabbit owners. These are rectangular having sidewalls and made of plastic. The reasons behinds of its popularity are:

  • Cheap in price
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • Contain plenty of space
  • Usable for multiple rabbits at once
  • Can be used for a long period
  • No need for close observation

The only drawback of basic litter boxes is spread out the poops and litter when the bunny hops out. After completing her business, bunny hops out normally. As a result, you need to clean the side of the litter box regularly.

Another important fact is that your bunny may hop out suddenly while doing her business. If she can’t see around her, usually she becomes panic. Because you know rabbits are prey animals. And always be careful is the natural behavior of the prey animal. 

To avoid these unwanted situations, choose a litter box having closed tops or sidewalls. It would be better if the litter box contains more than one escape route.

2. Corner litter box

Nature's Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box (P-5913)

The corner litter box is a very common one among the bunny owners. Main specifications of this litter box that it takes small space as possible. That’s why it is used especially inside the home.

Doing their business, Rabbit puts their bottom on the corner of this box. Though it is space-saving, it has drawbacks also. Only a single rabbit can do their business at once here. If you have more than one, this one isn’t perfect for you.

Another problem is, many of the bunnies love to chew hay while doing their business. Here, you won’t find any scope to provide hay. Another fact is its size. You need to clean the litter box frequently as it becomes full quickly.

3. Litter box with wire floors

RUBYHOME Rabbit Litter Box Toilet, Plastic Square Cage Box Potty Trainer

These are very easy to clean because rabbits sit on the wire and finish their business. Also, it needs less time to clean up the litter box.

But unfortunately, you shouldn’t use this type of litter box anymore if your bunny passes most of the time on the wire floor. Because using a bare wire is not permissible for rabbits. It may cause infections and sores on the fit.

It hearts the feet of the rabbit also. It will be OK if you use mesh or plastic grid on the wire surface.

4. litter box with plastic grate or screen

Petmate 42101 Sifting Corner Litter Pan

Besides the most common types, some of the bunny owners also use the litter box with plastic grate. Almost like the grate used in the kitchen.

These are safe for your rabbit. It would be better if you spread smooth screens on the top. It allows lees wastage of litter along with the cleaning facility. By using screens, you can easily discard the poops out. Another benefit of this litter box is that it prevents the bunny from dig out. You know digging is the natural behavior of a bunny.

The only drawback of this litter box, without regular cleaning, pees may be clogged on the grates. Then cleaning becomes more laborious. 

5. The litter box for disabling rabbit

Kohota Pet Litter Box Potty Trainer

It is unlike all the litter boxes I have mentioned before. The same litter box is not applicable for a healthy rabbit. Senior or disable rabbits can’t hop up like a young one.

So, you need a flat type litter box without a side wall at the entrance. Finding this type of litter box is hard. It is not available such as the following ones.

Why Do You Need a Litter Box?

In short, both for the convenience of you and your bunny, you need a litter box. Raising a rabbit is the collection of some definite process. You need to follow the process carefully. One of them, use of litter box and accustomed your rabbit to the litter box.

As is mentioned at the very beginning of this blog post, successfully litter training your rabbit is a little bit lengthy and tiresome process but not a so hard job as people thing. If you are a complete beginner who adopts a bunny recently, whatever you need to litter train your rabbit is patience and providing the right material to them. The rest of the work will be done automatically.

So, to keep out your bunny from the unhygienic condition and ensure sound health, there is no alternative to a litter box, especially for indoor rabbits. besides, a litter box makes your life easier and minimize your time to clean the mess.

Prevent infection

Leaving Excreta of rabbits here and there in your house may spread infection and you and your family may be infected by germs. So, keep both of you and your rabbit healthy you should use the litter box.

To place a litter box you should keep some points in your mind.

  • Don’t place the litter box near or beside the kitchen and grill area.
  • Don’t place the litter box inside your family corner.
  • Place the litter box where the bunny spends most of her time.
  • Don’t place the litter box so far from the bunny.

Easier disposal of waste

In nature, Rabbits are a nocturnal animal. They have the intention to do their business in a particular space. By proper use of this behavior, we can make our rabbit accustomed to using litter boxes. It will make your pet live easier and happier.

When bunny will successfully adopt with the litter tray, you just need to clean the litter box only instead of cleaning the whole floor. On the other hand, at the initial stage, you may be annoyed with your rabbit for her peculiar behavior. But believe me, patience and time will make the job easier for you.

Don’t punish your rabbit if she will deny using litter box initially. Instead of punishing show your love to her.


How to Set Up a Rabbit Litter Box

To set up the litter box first collect the materials. Main materials mean the litter box itself, litter and hay. You should use the premium litter rather than pine or clay. You will find different types and quality of litter in the market. The same advice is applicable for hay also.

As earlier I mention that a high-end litter box is good for the rabbit. Because it helps to protect the scattering of the pees.

After a combination of the litter and hay place the litter box near the dwelling place of the rabbit. That’s it. It is very simple.

How to Clean Your Litter Box

Without regular cleaning of the litter box, your bunny will surely have infected by externally and internally. So keeping your bunny healthy there is no alternative to clean out the litter box regularly.

You know wastage of bunny isn’t safe for bunny herself. Scattering the wastage here and there and get the litter box messy may cause severe infection in the respiratory and others. Even it may be fatal to the rabbit sometimes.

So, anyhow you need to clean the litter box regularly. If you want to clean the litter box twice or once a week, then you should use multiple litter boxes. It works.

To clean the litter box, first, remove the trashes. Then clean the litter box with an effective antibacterial. After cleaning dry, the litter box by sunlight. Then place again in your preferred space.

Final Verdict

Now you have enough idea on the best rabbit litter boxes on the market. Also, you know the basic criteria of a good litter box for training along with the cleaning process of them. So, I hope, you can choose the best one for your rabbit from this exclusive list. Again I want to remind you that you should give your full attention to your rabbit because your favorite bunnies deserve it. 

While buying the litter box, consider the brand. But considering the brand value isn’t enough. You should read the level of the product carefully whether it is worthy or not for your bunny.

Last but not least, take it as a fun experiment. I swear, you will be completely satisfied when you see how politely your bunny uses the litter box.

Top Image: Pixabay

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