3 Best Heat Lamp For Rabbits (Outdoor & Indoor Use)

Most of the rabbit breeds can adjust to the chilly winter. But the young rabbits are susceptible to hypothermia if their body temperature gets too low. Even your bunny may die in the cold temperature.

To protect your bunny during the severe winter, a heat lamp could be an effective solution. The heat lamp is cheap and it keeps the cage or hutches warm at the night. But you should use the heat lamp carefully to avoid overheating the hutch or cage area.

BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat lamp is the perfect heat lamp for the bunny. It will keep your bunny cage or hutch warm during the harsh winter. Since it is an electric lamp, you should take some preventive measures for the safety of your bunny.

In this article, I’ll discuss the suitable heat lamp for an outdoor bunny hutch and cage. Also, I’ll discuss the safe use of the heating lamp. So, let’s get started.

Best Heat Light for Rabbit

Can You Use a Heat Lamp For Rabbits?

Yes, you can use a heat lamp for rabbits. The heat lamp is suitable for use in both cages and hutch. But you should be careful that the temperature is at the expected level. Otherwise, your bunny will be sick.

Do Baby Bunnies Need a Heat Lamp?

Yes, the baby bunnies need a heat lamp in the cold winter. In the wild, the momma bunny keeps her babies in the burrow with comfortable bedding. So, to maintain a comfortable temperature for the baby bunny, you could use the heat lamp. Since heat lamps are electric stuff, you have to ensure maximum safety.

Heat Lamp For Rabbits Review

Here is a precise review of the best rabbit heat lamp. I have researched hours after hours and finally select 2 heat lamps and one clamp light for the bunny. Let’s get started.

Our Top Pick
BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Emitter 100W Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb

BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Emitter 100W Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb

  • 100-watt infrared heating lamp 
  • 15000+ working hours 

This BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat lamp emits infrared heat without any light. So, if you are looking for an infrared heat lamp without light, this one could be the right choice for you.

Rabbits usually become more active at the night. So, adding a heat bulb with light makes them crazy. That is why an infrared heat bulb is perfect for the bunny.

Security is another issue with the heat lamp. This infrared light is not fragile like the traditional bulb. And there is no risk of fire here.

You will get 15 times more working hours than the traditional bulb. This BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Emitter will last at least 15000 hours. That is incredible. You can switch on the bulb for 24 hours continuously without any problem.

We must consider the electricity bill while using a heat bulb. Luckily, this one is energy-saving and thermally efficient. It is a waterproof and explosive-proof heating lamp. So, you can use it safely.


  • No light
  • Infrared heat
  • Sturdy and explosive proof
  • 24-hours continuously run
  • Ceramic heat lamp
  • Waterproof and weatherproof


  • you should care for it with cautions since some users got it fragile.
Our Top Pick
Wuhostam 2 Pack 100W Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp

Wuhostam 2 Pack 100W Infrared Ceramic Heat Lamp

  • Dimension: 2.95 x 2.95 x 3.94 inches 
  • 100 watts 
  • 9000 hours -15000 hours working period 

This is another infrared ceramic heat lamp for the bunny hutch. Like the first one, this one doesn’t produce any light. So, you can use it for your bunny in the winter.

The dimension of this ceramic infrared light is 2.95 x 2.95 x 3.94 inches. SO, you can it even for a medium-size rabbit cage or hutch.

It is so easy to install. There is no extra hassle here. like the previous one, it lasts long. You can use it for 9000 hours to 15000 hours.


  • Made of solid ceramic material
  • E27 socket
  • No light and produce comfortable heat
  • Easy to install
  • 24-hour heat source
  • Waterproof and explosion-proof
Our Top Pick
Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTM Clamp Lamp

Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTM Clamp Lamp

  • Aluminum shade 
  • Dimension: 8.5X4.25X10 inch
  • 8.5inch aluminum reflector clamp

If you are looking for a clamp light, then you could consider this Simple Deluxe HIWKLTCLAMPLIGHTM. It doesn’t come with a bulb. To organize the heating lamp, this one is a good solution.

This is a ready-made clamp light. You need a bulb to start it. You can attach up to a 150-watt bulb with the clamp light.

I love this product for its variety of uses. Obviously, it is suitable for the rabbit cage or hutch. But you can use it for various purposes like in the reading room, indoor plants, and others.

The shade of the clamp light is made of aluminum. It includes a wire to connect.


  • Perfect for outdoor rabbit hutch
  • Multipurpose use
  • 360° adjustment features
  • Support up to the 150-Watt bulb


  • Doesn’t come with a bulb

What should I consider before buying a heat lamp?

Heat lamps are cheap and available. But rabbits are sensitive pets. You should consider some facts before buying a heat lamp. Let’s have a look at the crucial points at a glance.


Probably this is the most crucial part of the heat lamp. Usually, rabbits can adjust to low temperatures like around 15 degrees centigrade.

If the temperature is too low like snow on the outside, you need a heat lamp to retain their body temperature. Usually, the core temperature of rabbits is 101 degrees to 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the core temperature drops below 100 degrees your bunny will be sick. So, you just maintain the core temperature of your rabbit.

Infrared light

You should not buy a traditional heat lamp. They produce light. It will destroy the comfort of your bunny. So, you should consider an infrared heating lamp. No light but producing heat- amazing deal indeed.


Since the heat lamps are the electric item and they include a cord, you should be careful. You know rabbits are curious and they tend to chew everything. So, you should buy a heat lamp that comes with flexible features.

Explosion free

Beware of the brand and quality of the heating lamp. Never buy a cheap one. if there is an explosion your bunny will die and there is a high chance of burning your property.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least, rabbits are adorable and cute pets. You should not keep them in the open outdoor hutch during the harsh winter. If you don’t have the flexibility to keep them indoors, you could insulate their hutch first.

Moreover, you could use a heating pad and heat lamp to make their hutch or cage comfortable. I believe you have got the right heating lamp for your bunny. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.


Alex is a full-time rabbit lover and part-time Biologist. He is a proud parent of two rabbits. It's his childhood dream to rescue endangered animals and make the world better for living.

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